Why should I vote?

Voting is one of the best ways you can support Fruit Servers! To thank everyone for keeping us growing by voting, we have set up a reward system. Some of our rewards include ingame money, vote create keys (make sure you have inventory space), store points and the top 3 voters of each month receive store vouchers!

By reaching the milestones and completing daily tasks, you will acquire points that can be redeemed for rewards. All milestones can only be achieved once, including the birthday gift. If you have previously met a milestone, points will automatically be given to you. If you are found exploiting the system or breaking our rules, your point total will be completely reset. If you are found to spam the forum with useless comments / posts, your threads will be removed and the points will be wiped.

Prize Crates

To use your crate keys, you might visit /warp crates and right-click the key on the appropriate chest. Once 100 people have used their keys, a VoteParty countdown will start, and everyone who participates will receive a VoteParty Key. You can check the vote party progress with /vparty VoteParty crates have loads of fantastic goodies and perks!