"Hope you all thanked your mums for everything!
Written by Meloonnn

Why hello there Fruitsters, fancy seeing you here! HelloMelon here bringing you another amazing yet very special recap. So lets get into it…. Shall we? ~ WE SHALL!

On the 8th of May we celebrated Mothers Day! Thanking our mothers for all the things big or small things that they have done for us over the years of our life. What better way to celebrate this special day with not one…. But TWO events! Players would have partaken in our very special ‘Musical Chairs’ and ‘Spleef’, which I must say, went down very well and heaps of you walked away with juicy prizes!

Musical Chairs

We first started off the night, playing a total of two rounds of Musical Chairs! And can i just say… most of you players had some fruitilicious dance moves that were absolutely amazing to watch, and yes …. I took notes. We had our DJ’s SparkleyFlopcorn and melongrip in the box ~ mixing up some sweat tunes for you fruit people to bop to. We walked away from the music at the end of each round to congratulate our winners _LittleSavage_ & StraubaerryJam! Congratulations guys, and dont worry… they left with a pretty amazing prizes!

Whilst we checked that our ‘Spleef’ arena was ready, we gave you fruitsters -  a challenge, this challenge was not going to be easy, put many players into a rage mode…. Parkour ~ Yes Parkour, Build by no other than our juicy melongrip! Well…. Looks like you dun-goofed me… we had a total of 10 winners! Which are the following;




HelloMelon :o it me!






& StraubaerryJam!

Those players were given a cheeky pair of enchanted boots for all of their stress!

Enough Parkour! Lets move onto our second event of the night ~ ‘Spleef'. You fruitsters grabbed your shovels and played round 1 with ease! And then… Goldsta… Yes Goldsta… Made an Error, Delaying us a couple of minutes. But we all had lots of fun laughing at his mistakes… #GikdaRuinsMothersDay.

~ Photo Credits to HelloMelon & YoungBloods <3 ~

After Gold repaired the issue, all of you fruitsters were screaming with excitement, ready to start the next 2 rounds and can i just say… it was CRAZY! Shall we hear some results? ~ Of Course!

Round 1: aVeryAussieGuy

Round 2: StraubaerryJam

Round 3: aVeryAussieGuy

Congratulations Guys! Shortly after prizes were handed out by melongrip, *Shh i heard they were pretty amazing prizes!*

Overall you juicy fruitloops had an amazing time celebrating Mothers Day with us! Could we just take a moment to thank the following for such an amazing event;

Melongrip, Dexylicious, Daemondark, Cahms & ReddeadFlame31:

For building the amazing Mothers Day Builds!

HelloMelon & iMeoww:

For hosting the whole night with the help of the rest of the staff team.

SparkleyFlopcorn & melongrip:

For DJ-ing during Musical Chairs.


For showing you fruitsters how to dance during Musical Chairs!


For all the technical coding behind the night.

The Whole Staff Team:

For allowing us to have this amazing night, and helping with the hosting in order to make it all happen.

And last but not least….. You guys! The players who came and joined us on this Special Night. We heard all you had lots of fun and we hope to see you at MANY more events in the future! This Concludes the Mothers Day Recap! Hope you enjoyed the read, comment any feedback below :)

HelloMelon ~ has left the building ~ *Comes back in* Oh, by the way! Gooddbyyeeeee! ~ leaves for real this time.

End of Post.