:O It's almost Febuary?!
Written by ipoodalittle

Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 17876
  • Current monthly donation progress: 282%
  • Current monthly top donator: Illumination

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 2173
  • Current monthly donation progress: 100%
  • Current monthly top donator: EZ420

The News:

Staff -

This week has brought numerous staff changes (although they were at last minute!). This week welcome two newcomers to the team! So everybody put your hands together for Daemondark and Youngbloods. We hope all members will be patient and kind to the noob- i mean newbies, while they hone their skills as the newest padawans of the Fruit Servers Order.

We also saw the return of long time loved staff member Briezy! Briezy stepped down previously to rediscover his love as a player of the game, without the staff stress, but now he returns in full form, ready to whoo- I mean, blow us all away with his amazing work!

There was sneaky promotions mixed in, but let’s be honest, no one is surprised. Congrats to Bloo on reaching the rank of Veteran-Moderator!!! Bloo has shown amazing work and dedication for many months of staffing on Fruit! We hope to see his work continued, and his adorable face to be around for a long time yet! And also congratulations to LoshSmoak on completeing her trial! She is now a fully fledged Moderator ... but lets be honest, we didn't have to worry about her not passing, she's just too fabulous not too!

On a final note, we have sadly seen the loss of Dantoke this week. Dantoke is a long time serving Fruit staff member, who has sadly stepped down from his staff role. But never fear! Dantoke can still be found running around spawn and with his lovely wife!

Notable Weddings -

This week has seen quite a few marriages! So let’s see who the happy couples are:

ipoodalittle + NaekedRasher <3

MistOfDusk + QueenAmaya <3

BeNeon + Fruitybabe <3

SparkleyPopcorn + EnCrYpTeDPaNdA <3

Bacca02 + BeastyBoss_303 <3


This weeks event was Boat Racing! Built by the wonderful Aphrodiite_ and hosted by our Event-Manager, Canaries!. So the winners were as follows:




Illumination (x2 rounds)





Congratulations to all the winners!!!

The Wiki:

As has been mentioned previously, FruitServers has a wiki now. ipoodalittle has been working hard to clear the wiki and get it ready for you all to use. You can access the wiki page under the community tab. We welcome all users to add pages to the wiki, either their player profile or other fruit related things. But remember they will be monitored carefully by staff, mostly ipoodalittle.

Credits to: Bloo, Mavinnn, Jylon and NaekedRasher for assisting with the creation of the Wiki.


Reminding you all that the build competition entries close very soon! So get building if you haven't finished (or even started)!

Also, we would like to remind you all that H1N9 post a very important update below this post. Please make sure you've read it if you are having connection issues.

That concludes the weekly post! Hope you all have a good end to this fruity January and see you next time!


End of Post.