1.10 Weekly Post
Written by Meloonnn

Yeeeee Haaaaa! Howdy Fruitsters, How are we all on this fine evening? Good ~ I Hope and its about to get a whole lot better with another weekly post written by me… of course! Its MiniMelon here, this post is going to be a bit of a long one with lots of juicy new updates so lets get into it Shall we? ~ We Shall!

The Rundown


Number of Players Joined: 6485

Currently 170% of the Monthly goal

Current Top Donator: EstherBunny


Number of Players Joined: 5226

Currently 39% of the Monthly goal

Current Top Donator: EZ420

(Come on Skyblock you can do it!!)

Beyond the Bowl

This week we sadly saw the departure of iMeoww from her Event-Co Position… Yes my partner in crime has left her position and will be taking a break from fruit for a little bit. She will be dearly missed and we thank her for all of her help over the past month and we cant wait to see her visit!! On a much happier note we saw the promotions of Littlest_ & Ahtnamas80 our two new T-Mods for Survival!! Make sure to ask them for help if you need it… don’t worry they are very nice.. They don’t bite!

H1N9 Section

Minecraft 1.10

The latest Minecraft update has arrived bringing with it lots of new things. The new blocks will be added to the markets soon! In the meantime, most of them can be crafted. The End and Nether will be reset this coming Friday. This will give people the chance to explore both of these worlds again and collect the new blocks. Several plugins are still waiting to be updated. These include pets, disguises and several others.

Please let me know if you find any bugs!

Staff Appreciation

This coming Friday night will be staff appreciation evening. This will be all about celebrating the hard work that the staff do for the server in keeping it running. Without staff Fruit Servers would simply not exist. They do a fantastic job at making Fruit such a warm and caring community for everyone so it is time to show them some love! ‘What can I do to help to show my appreciation?’ Write a thank you book! Put a message of thanks into a book, either for the entire staff team or for a specific member. Drop these books off at /warp bookdrop and they will be given to the staff on Friday night!

Auction House

As requested, Auction House has been added to the server! This allows you to trade your unique items in a safe and easy way without getting scammed or with FruitClear stealing those precious items. To access the AuctionHouse type /ah

/ah - Opens the auction house.

/ah sell <price> - Sell the item you're holding for the price you want.

/ah expired - View and manage your expired listings.

/ah listed - View and manage your currently selling items

Members+ have the ability to list up to three items each. This plugin was added thanks to Sleapy’s suggestion HERE. <~~ Click me We will be adding more suggestions soon as well! (If you have any suggestions please post them on the linked forum post)


On the 8th of June we had a very special event that was built by our VERY special googie, Lagoonaa and myself! We played a total of 2 rounds and we had around 30 people who turned up to the first ever event of ‘CraftThat’. In CraftThat you are put into an arena with a series of items in which you must use in order to craft 10 special items and juicy prizes were handed out to the first 5 winners who crafted these 10 items correctly. Lets get on to some statistics from the night:

Round One Items:

Iron Sword, Rabbit Stew, Flint ‘n’ Steel, Polished Andesite, Enchanted Book, Milk Bucket, Golden Nugget, Glass, Jukebox & Mossy Cobblestone.

First Place: TitaniumQuartz                       Fourth Place: TheSilentKnight_

Second Place: Master_Fruit                      Fifth Place: SparkleyFlopcorn

Third Place: demski

Round Two Items:

Bread, Wool, Sugar, Fish, Beetroot Soup, Tripwire Hook, Cyan Dye, Cookie, Redstone Lamp & Melon Block.

First Place: TheSilentKnight_                  Fourth Place: Ahtnamas80

Second Place: TitaniumQuartz                 Fifth Place: SparkleyFlopcorn

Third Place: Dimbotron

Moving on to the 10th of June we had a total of 3 rounds dancing the night away on Skyblock! And I have got to say I saw some of the juiciest dance moves from you Fruitsters! Lets give these great dancers some recognition!

First Round: Lagoonaa

Second Round: melongrip

Third Round: KawaiiBunny_

Monday Night Movies

Yes you heard right… Monday Night Movies are back!! But this time…. Hosted by our one and only floppy bunny EstherBunny, and we are so glad they are back. Two weeks ago we watched ‘She’s the Man’. We had a huge turnout rounding up to about 20 people who all had an amazing time! This weeks movie… is… well.. We don’t know yet.. its up to you guys to make your vote! The movie will be played tomorrow night, and I have got to say, I’m so excited! Here’s the poll! http://www.strawpoll.me/10454975

Some great movies listed for tomorrow night.


Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear ipoodalittle, happy birthday to you!! Yes, you understood me right, my amazing singing skills would tell you that it was in fact our lovely iPods birthday 2 days ago! I’m sure she had a wonderful time and received lots of lovely birthday messages!

Build Comp

This month’s build comp theme is Transport/Movement and will be held in the Creative World

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th June

- Players must work individually

- Build must follow the theme of the month

- Build must be completed in the creative world

- Only one entry per individual


1st Place: $20 store voucher

2nd Place: $15 store voucher

3rd Place: $10 store voucher

How to post your Entry

Please leave the warp to your entry at the bottom of this post

Notable Weddings

This week on fruit we saw some lovely little fruits tie the knot with their loved ones!


<3 ItsSquish + Jomno <3

<3 SparkleyFlopcorn + NotJylon <3


<3 Heartburn69 + Night_Shade149 <3

<3 LH123 + SkyKing67 <3

Meme of the Week

Question of the Week

"If you were a pair of shoes, what would you be?"

Screenshot of the Week

This week we bring to you, a very NEW section on our weekly post "Screenshot of the week".  We want you all to get your #fruitselfies happening to share with us on the forums. (on the correct forum threads we have)  Every week we will pick ONE screenshot from each server thread the thread and feature it on our post. (you could be fruit FAMOUS)  For all of the juicy info on this new section, please see the forum post linked HERE. <<~~ Click me

Ohhh..... did I mention that you could WIN A PRIZE ??

Week 1:


Some very exausted fruitlings after dancing the night away at musical chairs on friday night :D  ~Photo Credit :MiniMelon


One could only assume that these guys cant get enough popcorn and have cleared out popcorn stalls server wide .. Oh noes  ~Photo credit Lagoonaa


MiniMelon – Post Writing

H1N9 – Update Writing

EstherBunny - Photography

Aphrodite - Screenshots of the week

Littlest_ - Meme of the Week

SparkleyFlopcorn - Question of the Week

Well sadly this concludes this weeks weekly post :c I really hope you all enjoyed my first individual post, feel free to leave your response to the question of the week and any feed back in the comments below! This week was VERY juicy… lets see if this week to come can be even better :)

~ MiniMelon.

End of Post.