1.11 arriving shortly! Spitting llamas are important.
Written by Meloonnn

Hey everyone! Sorry for a delayed post :( Been way too busy out in the fruity world testing all of our new 1.11 updates! As usual, its Melon here again and can I just say.. theres just over a month until Fruitmas!! How exciting!! We have got alot of xoxoGOSSIPgikda for all of you, so lets get on with the read!

The Rundown

Survival                                                                  Skyblock

Number of players joined: 10570!                           Number of players joined: 2196!

Currently 153% of the monthly goal!                       Currently 89% of the monthly goal!

Current monthly top donator: FroofyDesu               Current monthly top donator: RealBluMC

Beyond the Bowl

Sadly this week we have no new staff updates for you! Feel free to take your chances and apply for one of our Moderator/EventC/Builder positions on our Fruit Servers staff team, applications as usual will be looked at throughout the rest of the month :)

Exciting news

Sorry to interupt the read, but i have some super exciting news for all of you!! Want to win a fruitsters key? Of course you do! And guess what.... its simple!! If you didnt already know our FruitServers has a Facebook page!! This page has lots of fun and exciting photos which are uploaded daily...for every 25 new likes on the Fruit Facebook page we will give away a free key to everyone online at 8PM AEST that night! So make sure you go like the page!!!!! Click Here!


On the 11th of November, we handed the hosting of the event over to Ahtnamas80 and can i just say she did an amazing job! Huge thanks to her, I was told that our staff really.. pulled out the difficult spots this time around and well, lets hear what happened!

Round 1 - Dimensius - Riyk                                LL9 - Mr_Snugglekins                            Ahtnamas80 - AliWali

Matea78 - Krillzy                                Melongrip - Moonlight_S

Round 2 - Dimensius - Light_Beacon                 LL9 - Riyk                                               Ahtnamas80 - Riyk,

Matea78 - Predator66                        Melongrip - Light_Beacon

Round 3 - Dimensius - AliWali                             LL9 - Mr_Snugglekins                            Cupid - SweeterThanSugar

Ahtnamas80 - Riyk

Round 4 - Dimensius - Light_Beacon                  LL9 - ProofFlounder9                            Ahtnamas80 - Riyk

Youngbloods - Riyk

On the 18th of November, we had a few very quick rounds of Tnt Run and death came alot easier than what we all expected, minus the lag I heard you all had an amazing time running for your lives! Heres what happened!

Round One: Lagoonaa                                       Round Two: Light_Beacon                      Round Three: Ukoh
Round Four: Light_Beacon                                 Round Five: MoonLight_S                      Round Six: MoonLight_S
Round Seven: melongrip                                     Round Eight: demski

Build Comp

The theme this month is Christmas, and includes an extra special prize for the winning build!  Along with winning a voucher to treat yourself with some amazing perks from the webstore, the winning build will be showcased at spawn for the month of December! This competition will be held in survival, which means the vouchers will count towards your rank.

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 31st November.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed in the Survival World.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you have to use it

How to post your Entry

To enter this month's competition, please leave a comment either on this post or one of the following weekly posts stating so, or use a warp if you're building on someone else's plot. If you have run out of warps, please let a staff member know.


If you've won a voucher, please speak to H1N9 or a Community Manager about redeeming it. If you're really confident in yourself and you think you can nab a voucher in the next month, you'd be happy to know they do add up!

Notable Weddings

SURVIVAL                                                   SKYBLOCK

Joshbyte + spartan94 <3                               Nothing :c

Rainbooty + iConnor <3

Thats a rap!

Woah that went quickly? Lots off new things in store such as 1.11 make sure you check it out! Do not forget to comment your buildcomp warps below of a weekly post so we can keep track of who has entered... There will be another post next week so do not threat! Every post that comes our creeps us closer and closer to Fruitmas! It wouldn’t be a weekly post without the Screenshots of the Week & Meme of the Week so lets get into it!

Screenshots of the Week

Survival:                                                                                      Skyblock:

Meme of the Week

~ Melon

End of Post.