100% ON DAY #1!
Written by SirEraze

Hello, Eraze here on behalf of the FruitSurvival Staff team.

Wow! What a juicy, juicy achievement. Today, the server pulled off something never seen before on Fruit. With the help of you amazing people, we were able to reach 100% of our monthly donation goal on the first day of the month. This post is simply to give a big thank-you to anyone at all who has donated in the past! All your contributions mean the world, and you are the reason we stand tall, and have one of the most amazing servers out there. Before I finish off, I want to say that these contributions will be put to the best use, and you will most definitely be seeing amazing things coming soon! We have such big plans, and this is only the beginning.

Once again, thank-you all, and we love you all!
- The Fruity tooty Staff team!

End of Post.