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Written by Meloonnn

Well, well, well… Who do we have here!? Meloona of course! We are back yet again with another fun filled weekly post bringing all of you all of the xoxoGOSSIPgikda from the past week! So grab some food, kick your feet up and lets get into the read! Shall we? ~ We shall!

The Rundown

Survival                                                          Skyblock

Number of players joined: 8960!                      Number of players joined: 656!

Currently 211% of the monthly goal!                Currently 155% of the monthly goal!

Current monthly top donator: IcedSpider         Current monthly top donator: SweetEmotion

Beyond The Bowl

Much has happened during this wonderful week! We reached the amazing goal of over 5,000 registered website members! It is amazing to have so much support from a wonderful community.

We had a few fruity staff birthdays to celebrate as well! Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Geekxboy, Bloo and Sleapyy! Happy birthday to you! Hip hip- ok we’ll stop. Be sure to wish these fruitsters a happy (belated) birthday! But that’s not all! We had a new floppy fruitster join the moderating team. Drumroll please…… PotassiumDOT! If you see him around, make sure to congratulate him on his promotion and wish him luck with his moderating duties :)


On the 14th of September, we had a few very exciting and intimidating rounds of Bingo! You fruitsters sat on the edges of your chairs waiting for the items to be called out one by one :) We had a total of 5 rounds so lets hear who the winners were!

Round 1: Rainbowssss          Round 2: ___Vex_         Round 3: PotassiumDOT

Round 4: SpasticPiggy          Round 5: MoldBunny

On the 16th of September, we had a few nail biting rounds of musical chairs! You fruitsters danced the night away showing us all of your juicy dance moves! Overall we had a total of 3 rounds so lets hear who the winners were!

Round 1: TheSilentKnight_         Round 2: BlockerZeroSix         Round 3: _GrN

On the 18th of September, we had a player event! Hosted by the one and only Valkyriie_! We used her Hunger Games arena to give you all some enjoyment and can i just say it went AMAZING! Here are the results!

Round One ~ Green Won! Illumination, ItsSquish, GlitzyCookie, demski & melongrip!

Round Two ~ Black Won! ItsSquish, Too_Advanced, Void_Alchemist & Briezyy!

Round Three ~ Green Won! Too_advanced, LapidCactus, Illumination & Ahtnamas80!

Notable Weddings


Salvation_Elite + SimpleDF <3


Cupid + Rodebuck <3

Mr_Awsome_7 + Night_Eyes3315 <3

Silentswaggins +Silent_Ted <3

Bulk_Bogan  &  Poggleloggle <3

RapidFirez & Godz_Mistake <3

Rysci & MissMiyuki <3

PIzzafied + SuperHammy3 <3

That’s A Rap

Oh nooo!!! Sadly it has come to the time of the post in which everyone dreads.. yes you guessed it... the ending D: Try to hold back your tears because we will be back next week with another fruity post!! But...Theres no weekly post without the screenshots of the week & the meme of the week!?! So lets get straight into it!

Screenshots of the Week

Skyblock: This fruity screenshot was taken of EstherBunny! Poor SweetEmotion was attacked by a chicken D:

Survival: This selfie was taken by Bloo! To celebrate his birthday the staff team decided to surprise him with some gifts! :D

Meme of the Week

~ Meloonaa

End of Post.