A brand new year full of opportunities!
Written by Meloonnn

Hello there Fruitsters! It’s the beginning of yet another hopefully amazing year and we cant wait to spend it with you and guess what? We are already a week in!! I wont take up too much time of your new year… I promise! Lets just have a short recap of the news throughout the past week!

The Rundown

Survival                                                               Skyblock

Number of players joined: 3117!                                  Number of players joined: 4441!

Currently 175% of the monthly goal!                           Currently 79% of the monthly goal!

Current monthly top donator: NoBeef                          Current monthly top donator: HikiriOni

Beyond the Bowl

As mentioned by H1N9 in the monthly post a week or so ago, we had a few new staff changes! In the Fruitbowl, we had theMote promoted to Developer and Malzi promoted to V-Moderator! On another exciting note we welcome two new fruitsters to our fruity staff team, please welcome Deadly_Arachnid as our new Trial-Moderator on Skyblock and RhedaWarrior our new Trial-Moderator on survival! Since then we have had two of our Trial Moderators progress onto Moderator on our Skyblock Servers. Congratulations to Los_Corruptos and __Syrus___! We also had a Trial Moderator from Survival progress onto Moderator, Congratulations also to RhedaWarrior! Thought we were done there? Pfftt Of course not! A huge warm welcome to Kzxo500 who was promoted to a Trial Moderator on Survival Today! Kz will always be around if you need a hand so make sure you ask away!

Exciting News

Sorry to interrupt the read, but i have some super exciting news for all of you!! Want to win a fruitsters key? Of course you do! And guess what.... its simple!! If you didn’t already know our FruitServers has a Facebook page!! This page has lots of fun and exciting photos which are uploaded daily...for every 25 new likes on the Fruit Facebook page we will give away a free key to everyone online at 8PM AEST that night! So make sure you go like the page!!!!! Click Here!


Events on fruit last week were a little different as it was the week between Fruitmas and New Years, a very busy time for most! Meloonnn was captured by the elves and taken back to the North Pole for a bit so a few of our fruity staff members stepped up into her place and hosted a Christmas bingo and a drop party for you all!

Build Comp

The build competition is starting again and this month we have a big contest! We want to showcase what Australia means to you. We think this ties in well with Australia Day later this month. This competition will be held in survival which means the vouchers will count towards your rank.

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 31th January.
- Players are restricted to working individually.
- Build must be completed in the Survival World.
- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.
- Only one entry per individual.
- No pixel art!
- Keep redstone minimal if you have to use it

Notable Weddings

Survival:                                                                      Skyblock:

Monstrexx_ + The_Yin <3                                                lilshortyrae + Light_Beacon <3

RealJcPotato + Derm0n <3                                              Raukami + Brilashy <3

stevol23 + Pommy1396 <3                                              Orangecut99 + XxBella_xX <3

Cloudsinger + NEKKED_AUSSIE <3

ItzJessicaa +  Indi_29 <3

BIRDEEBridges7 +  _RedxGamer_ <3

Light_Bacon  +  lilshortyrea <3

MrSlaves + ThexMoonxBear <3

Araquanoid + mojomomma <3

Cadibug + Torois <3


We’ve decided to shake things up a little with the screenshots of the week! It has recently been a lot more difficult to collect photos from both Survival and Skyblock to feature in the post, so we have decided to change this section to 'featured'! If anything needs to be shown from now on it will be placed in this section! :)

? A new feature?! Coloured Tags?! Thanks to theMote Coloured Tags are available from the vote store now!!! ?

If you havent had the chance to explore our Skyblock Spawn yet, I recommend you do so! Skyblock has had their ./warp shop area renovanted with many more new and improved items and prices!! Go check it out!

That’s a rap!

It has come to the end of yet another weekly post! But don’t be upset, it’s a brand new year that’s going to be filled with lots new things and opportunities on fruit! So we are sure there will be a lot more posts to come in the future.

Also P.S Happy Late New Years! From our Survival and Skyblock staff teams!

~ Melon

End of Post.