A fresh new start for Skyblock with juicy features!
Written by Lagoonaa

Oh hi there! Its Melon and Lagoona here!! I didnt see you there? Or did I? >:D Well either way it's time for another update on the xoxoGOSSIPgikda that has happened within the last week! We are coming to the end of another amazing month, so stick around for the monthly post which will be going up; Wednesday Night at 12am AEST! So lets get straight into it, Shall we? ~ We shall!

The Rundown


Number of players joined: 8472!

Currently 192% of the monthly goal!

Current top donator: ___Vex_


Number of players joined: 146! (Reset)

Currently 273% of the monthly goal!

Current top donator: SweetEmotion

What lovely statistics we have here!

Beyond The Bowl

This week we only have two new staff update! A huge congratulations to SweetEmotion for the promotion from trial mod to mod on skyblock also saw the loss of Coles from the Skyblock team :c Make sure you congratulate SweetEmotion and give Coles big hugz. Now that may be all the staff updates …. BUT…. We have something very exciting to share with you… Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Goldsta! Happy Birthday to you!!!! If you haven't heard it was Gold's Birthday yesterday, so if you didn't get a chance to wish him a happy birthday yesterday feel free to wish him a happy belated birthday!


On the 24th of August, we had a total of 4 rounds of literal ‘free for all’ pvp. We had 3 rounds with everyone in them, they we let our 3 winners have a fight to the death! It was very exciting and nail-biting watching from the sidelines and our winners definitely deserved it! Let's give them some of the spotlight!

Round One: Too_Advanced       Round Two: _Grn          Round Three: PotassiumDOT

Overall Winner: PotassiumDOT

On the 26th of August, we brought back Meloona's Craft That! ALOT of you fruitsters really enjoyed it first time around… so we decided to bring it back and better than ever! Playing a total of 2 rounds, one being spruce and the other being nether, we walked away with a total of 10 winners from the two rounds, so let's hear who they were!

Round One: First - Le_Commandant      Second - Meloonnn             Third - TheSilentKnight_

Fourth - Ahtnamas80   Fifth - Rainbowwws

Round Two: First - Meloonnnn   Second - Le_Commandant Third - Ahtnamas80

Fourth -  Jussstin Fifth - Jomno

Also on the 26th of August, there were a few fruity rounds of Musical Chairs played on the brand new Skyblock! As you fruitsters danced the night away a few of you walked away with prizes so lets here who had the best dance moves!

Round One: First - _LittleSavage   Second - _Grn Third - ItzRapid

Round Two: First - XxTacoMan23xX   Second - GlitzyCookie          Third - _Grn

Round Three: First - Oko   Second - GlitzyCookie Third - BlockerZeroSix

On the 28th of August, we had a few very exciting rounds of Capture the Flag! We all know how much you fruitsters enjoy this event so we thought we would play another few rounds of it

Round 1 - Gold Team

Round 2 - Purple Team

Round 3 -  Gold Team

Round 4 - Gold Team

Notable Weddings


Chocolate + Mitunzz  <3

HilaryLu + CssShun


Bulk-Bogan + GlitzyDonut <3

SweetEmotion + Nataliie_ <3

Thats a rap!

Well.. yet again… its this time of the post… where we have to say goodbye ;c BUT its okay! The next weekly post is only a week away and you will all get to read a monthly post in only 4 days! Buutttt… hehe butt….Theres no weekly post without the screenshots of the week & the meme of the week!?! So lets get straight into it!


Survival; A throwback taken by Bloo! Demski’s only a god?!?!

Skyblock; One of the last fruity selfies before the reset ;c Taken by EstherBunny

Meme of The Week


End of Post.