A Magical Week!
Written by witty ~

Welcome to another Weekly Recap!

Hiya there Fruitlings! It's Witty here brining you another weekly update on our beloved FruitServers. Let's get right into it shall we, it was quite a busy week for everyone ;D

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Beyond the Bowl

Staff Updates!

Both Survival and Skyblock have seen a few promotions to their staff teams this week! Over on Survival we congratulate Lizzzzzy on their promotion to Moderator! And on Skyblock we celebrate SpookyAndy and Naneek_Mot for passing their trial periods as well, great job guys!


Bear with me here friends, this week was quite full of events! Especially with the Hogwarts Express hanging out on Skyblock..

Staring out on Skyblock, we see THREE events in one day! Everyone online got lucky this day, especially since we started out with some Bingo!

Round                                                                  Winners

1                                                                           KhrisKross

2                                                                           _IceWolfie

3                                                                           SpookyWilba

4                                                                           Aba_Squido

Moving on through the day we had some fun Trivia! Staff can be forgetful sometimes, its nice knowing players can always lend us a helping hand

Round/Winners                                              Round/Winners

1 ItsMadi                                                           6 Bilfred_Kerman

2 XXXTENTXCION                                          7 MooxHD

3 H1N9                                                             8 BunyipHunter

4 MooxHD                                                        9 MooxHD

5 MooxHD                                                         10 BunyipHunter

And onto the last event of the day, we had some Corners fun! Our infamous purple corner is still cursed, enter it for the event if you dare..

Round                                                                 Winners

1                                                                           Leelass

2                                                                           SpookyRemex

3                                                                           RhedaWarrior

4                                                                           RhedaWarrior

5                                                                           SpookyLachy

Moving on with Skyblock and the Hogwarts Express finally arrived! There were some bumps in the road with our planned event.. so we played more Trivia! Looks like I'm not the only Harry Potter nerd around :P

Round/Winners                                        Round/Winners

1 LM_loves_turtles                                    12 SimOfTheDim

2 alfonzo27                                                13 D2xx

3 Wilburtron                                                14 Bilfred_Kerman

4 Wilburtron                                               15 alfonzo27

5 alfonzo27                                                16 Doom_Master

6 Doom_Master99                                     17 Naneek_Mot

7 alfonzo27                                                18 SimOfTheDim

8 Wilburtron                                               19 Wilburtron

9 Wilburtron                                                20 Aloroar

10 Doom_Master99                                    21 Wilburtron

11 SimOfTheDim                                        22 SimOfTheDim

Continuing with Skyblock, we finally got to play a NEW EVENT! Mob Accio, more or less Mob Fishing, was I'm sure just as fun to play as it was to watch.

Round                              Winners

1                                       Team Ravenclaw - Aba_Squido, ZombieCreepa

2                                       Team Slytherin - Kengi_, Bilfred_Kerman, DangerSwig

3                                       Team Ravenclaw - lilshortyrae, ZombieCreepa, SpookyWilba

4                                       TIE, Team Slytherin - DangerSwig, D2xx, Kengi_ Team Gryffindor - _IceWolfie, SpookyZelorium, Leelass

Onto another NEW EVENT, Snitchball! Probably the most intense thing I've ever experienced on Fruit.. Everyone who played was truly a winner, the teamwork and effort you all put in was amazing, well done. Though one team must officially come through victorius.. AND THAT TEAM WAS RAVENCLAW, BOO YAH!! I mean um, Ravenclaw took the crown!

Round                                                             Winners

1                                                                      Team Ravenclaw - spoopybrekookie, Aloroar, PenguinLover_, Kiragona

While we only played one roud of Snitchball as it was a fairly long game, we gave you all a chance at some more Trivia! You're all geniuses, truly

Round/Winners                                                 Round/Winners

1 Bilfred_Kerman                                                9 spoopybrekookie

2 Dino_Mino                                                       10 AbsentJester

3 SpookyWilba                                                   11 Aba_Squido

4 spoopybrekookie                                             12 Obsi

5 spoopybrekookie                                             13 DangerSwig

6 Blossom                                                          14 Aloroar

7 PenguinLover_                                                15 DangerSwig

8 spoopybrekookie

And to end it off this week on Skyblock we held a semi new event, MAGICAL Chairs! A Harry Potter twist on Musical Chairs, gotta love puns.

Round                                                               Winners

1                                                                         ACE_Emotionz

2                                                                         spoopybrekookie

3                                                                         Leelass

4                                                                         Aba_Squido

5                                                                         KingGodfrey

And hopping over to Survival we had a couple rounds of Build Battle!

Round           Winner 1st         Winner 2nd         Winner 3rd            Winner 4th

1                     H1N9                  Fadez_Senpai     SpookyAndy           Ewrayneean

2                     Winner 1st         Winner 2nd        Winner 3rd             Winner 4th     Winner 5th

BunyipHunter      SilFuryn              spoopybrekookie    TBNRbobby     PenguinLover_

And finallyyy ending with this weeks events, I must say I'm a bit jealous  of Survival as they got to play my personal favorite event, Thunderdome! As always staff has a great time smiting you all >:D

Round                                                                Winners

1                                                                          LlamasTheName

2                                                                          xLisanyaa

3                                                                          LABWAZHERE

4                                                                          JINX24PVP

5                                                                          SpookyZelorium

6                                                                          Cupid

7                                                                          ReddeadFlame31

8                                                                          ReddeadFlame31

As we move into this following week, The Hogwarts Express is still visiting Skyblock! We will have events until the 25th, all at 8pm AEDT time. Please come on and join us on Platform 9 3/4 to play some fun games, get enrolled into your Hogwarts house and enjoy everything this magical week has to bring!

Selfie Of The Week!

Another week, another opportunity to capture a funny, memorabe moment in a screenshot for all of FruitServers to see! Thank you to everyone who participated again this week. Remeber, just reply to the Selfie Of The Week forum thread with your screenshot and specify which server you're entering for. There will be one winner for Survival and one for Skyblock every week, so smile for the camera and show us what you've got! Winners are detemrined by the number of thumbs up they recieve.

Upcoming Events

Magical Chairs on Skyblock

NEW Secret Hogwarts event on Skyblock

Wizard Bingo on Skyblock

Corners on Survival

NEW Secret Hogwarts event on Skyblock

NEW CTF Halloween event on Survival



G00sewillis ❤ Genesis_72

DangerSwig ❤ BunyipHunter

ChidingBman ❤ Naees


Levi787 ❤ mr1ton

MasterCocobean ❤ AdamDX

Build competition

This months theme, chosen by H1N9 himself, is quite a different and fun idea.. we want you to show us "A day in the life of me!" Bring your real life alive in Minecraft and show us what its like to be in your shoes. As this is such a unique prompt, we want to understand what your build is about without even having to read your forum post! As an added bonus, every players entry that DOES NOT place in the top 3 will be rewarded with an Event Token on the server of their choice! So get to building Fruitsters, the month is reaching its end!

Competition Rules
- Build must be finished by 30th October.
- Players are restricted to working individually.
- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.
- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.
- Only one entry per individual.
- No pixel art!
- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.
- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!
- Minimum 5 entries. There will be no winners announced if we don't get at least 5 entries!
- Builds need to be started and completed within the same month. You cannot use assets from previous entries.

Thats a wrap for me friends, thanks for sticking till the end! You can find me in the Ravenclaw common room studying potions with Luna allll week ;D Your local Skyblock Witch, signing off <3

End of Post.