A New Leaf
Written by ipoodalittle

Hello everyone!

For a while now we have felt our events page is dwindling behind on constant new information and is not being viewed enough. As well as housing the up and coming events calendar, we have decided to do small, events related posts. These posts will small however, and strictly event related. So for your usual fruity news you'll still need to refer to the home page. These posts will also be varied in posting, so not set at a weekly time. In these post you can expect to see:

Event recaps:

They will most likely be more detailed than the home page posts announcing and congratulating winners. We may give you more details on the roundings and focus on the smaller details of the night, like the flops and the legendary moments.

Up and coming events:

We feel to keep you all on the ball and excited for events that its a good idea to give you screenshots of the event area. We will also include how to play the game and the rules in the post as well, that way you can all refresh yourselves and be ready for the event when the hour is upon us!

Changes to event times:

Unfortunatly there are some times where the hosts of events cannot make it at 8pm EAST. So if we do need to change an event time or even day we will pop up a short notice on this page explaining why.

Any forum/ingame competition winners:

We understand alot of users like to hold competitions on the forums or ingame. We also like to encourage more users to join these competitions as it gives our lovely server more community flare, makes the server shine and, lets be honest, we all love seeing your amazing talents! The hosts of any competitions can contact staff with the details winners etc. We are more than happy to broadcast for you if you give us prior notice. Afterwards we will pop up a post with screenshots you've taken of users work and details of the competition and the winner naturally.

So keep tabs on this page, whenever you check the forums don't forget to take a quick look here and see what exciting events are up and coming!

All the staff would like to thank you for all your enthusiasm for the events! They would not work so well without you!

- ipoodalittle

End of Post.