A new month has started! Happy Father's Day!
Written by Meloonnn

Hey There Fruitsters! How are we all on this fine sunday evening? I dont know about you but im super excited for another weekly post tonight written by Meloonaa! We have some brand new and juicy xoxoGOSSIPgikda for all of you. So lets hop straight into it Shall we? ~ We Shall!

The Rundown

Survival                                                                                        Skyblock

Number of players joined: 8677!                                                   Number of players joined: 393! (Reset)

Currently 45% of the monthly goal!                                               Currently 57% of the monthly goal!

Current top donator: CorruptedDrake                                           Current top donator: SweetEmotion

What lovely statistics we have here!

Beyond the Bowl

This week we sadly have no new staff updates ;c If you fit the requirements of a role and wish to give it a go feel free to apply for our Moderator, Event-Co or Builder positions! We would love to see what you all have to offer… And can i just say.. Happy Fathers Day to all, to all the amazing fathers out there, its your day! Enjoy it!


On the 31st of August, we had a new fruity rounds of Hide and Seek! You fruitsters searched for our sneaky staff members and you definitely surprised us all with what you achieved! The winners were just given some pretty amazing prizes so lets hear some results!

Round One: Too_Advanced found __Chocolate__                ItsSquish found Meloonnn

Rainbowssss found Ahtnamas80                                           PotassiumDOT found Llittle

ReddeadFlame31 found Lagoonaa                                         PotassiumDOT found Briezyy

Le_Commandant found Bloo

Round Two: ReddeadFlame31 found melongrip                    ItsSquish found __Chocolate__

Le_Commandant found Bloo                                                  ReddeadFlame31 found Meloonnn

ItsSquish found Lagoonaa                                                      Mash_Teh_Fwoot found Ahtnamas80

LuciferLyte found Llittle                                                           _Grn found Briezyy

Round Three: Mash_Teh_Fwoot found Meloonnn                 PotassiumDOT found Lagoonaa

_Grn found __Chocolate__                                                    ItsSquish found Ahtnamas80

ItsSquish found Llittle                                                             Mash_Teh_Fwoot found Briezyy

Yehji found Bloo

On the 2nd of September, we took over Skyblock servers and had a few fruity rounds of hide and seek… yes… again! We sent our staff members to hide around spawn and again we were very surprised to see the amount of you players who found us with ease! Lets give our winners some victorryy!!

Round One: Spitfire1913 found 1 staff member                      Badgerrific found 2 staff members

PotassiumDOT found 2 staff members                                    xXTacoMan23Xx found 1 staff member

Round Two: _Grn found 3 staff members                                 Le_Commandant found 1 staff member

Spitfire1913 found 1 staff member                                            ItsSquish found 1 staff member

Round Three: _Grn found 1 staff member                                Le_Commandant found 2 staff members

Spitfire1913 found 2 staff members                                           PotassiumDOT found 1 staff member

On the 4th of September, we celebrated… Fathers Day! For our fathers day event we sent you fruit loops off into the wild in order to find a secret location…. Impossible? Not! It drove you all insannee!! But you were all so determined to find it, once you got there you caught a fish making you a winner! After this we also had a sneaky drop party and some hub games! Huge thanks to the staff for donating to give you all kits!

First ~ Amber_Mx                               Second ~ PotassiumDOT                      Third ~ TheSilentKnight_

Fourth ~ Matea78                                 Fifth ~ WackierSky3

Notable Weddings


Alydya + Purplyalyssa <3

CorruptedDrake + wetqaz <3


_GrN + G_rN <3

xXTacoMan23Xx + Shamalamba <3

Thats a rap!

It comes to the time of every post when we need to start to ‘rap it up’, sadly it has come to that time of this post! But dont worry!! We will have another amazing post for you all next week so stick around for the next weeks gossip! But...Theres no weekly post without the screenshots of the week & the meme of the week!?! So lets get straight into it!

Screenshots of the Week!

Skyblock: What a lovely screenshot taken by EstherBunny of Aphroditie and EZ420 arent they cute!!?

Survival: A huge throwback to the opening of Polar Bear Pets! Photo taken by EstherBunny!

Meme of the Week

~ Meloonaa Out

End of Post.