A new post and a new map!
Written by RavynR

Hey guys it's the pasta squad back at you again with the first weekly post after the map reset on Survival and Skyblock! So much has happened and I'm sure theres lots more that will change, so first up we have a message from the owner, H1!

Hi Fruitlings! It has been crazy busy since the resets and there has been so much to do it has not been funny. A considerable number of things have been fixed and Geek is working like a squirrel during nut collecting season. The main thing that I want to address is the ingame lag. This is an issue that all servers are having with 1.13 and I don't have a solution for it at this stage but I have spent the majority of the last week looking at options to make it better. We are rolling out significant performance improvements over the next few days which may mean you lose some mobs like villagers and stuff. Please do not build things that might be laggy, they make the game no fun for everyone and I don't want to have to start limiting things like hoppers and such.

We also have the arrival of a number of new perks coming this week and a free kit as well. Stay tuned  :D

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Staff updates

Yeet it’s Sunday Funday and today we don’t have too much exciting stuff, so let’s crack into it!  First of all a huge congratulations to Ahtnamas80 for her promotion to Community-Manager, unfortunately I mean fortunately gold isn’t leaving.  TheVariableMan has unfortunately left us and Jacobb_ has joined us with the rank of t-mod. If you are interested in volunteering to help us out ruin the server or events go to:https://www.fruitservers.net/staff.


Due to the new map and some silly lil version cross over issues we do not currently have any proper events running, but don't worry, we will have them all back soon ;)

In the meantime however we ran our first event on Wednesday for the map, we ran a few rounds of trivia, the winners were Choccy_, LittlesSavage, Sleepyninja, StartRestarts, Cowskin.


Kairinezz vic61

Pixerative Choccy_

_Ravioli Wetyy

Masked_Nightmare cyber_dragon_123

LittleSSavage Cyphergirl301

Galalie The_Rocco

SmileyBeemo Hovem


Hi everyone, Godfrey here tell you lot all the AMAZING things been happening over the last couple weeks

Server Updates

It has been a busy few weeks with the release of 1.13 and the update of the server that Geek has been working non stop for us to play on. I would like to give a HUGE thank you for H1N9, Geek, Vix, Gold; Skyblock, Survival and prison staff teams and you, fruities. This has been the biggest update to the server and to minecraft itself so there will be bugs to be ironed out so if you do find a bug, please let a staff member know.

There has been a lot of changes to the server with some of the more notable ones being

  • Island sizes have changed; Easy:60x60 Medium: 40x40 Hard:20x20
  • A new Auction House system
  • Prizes in crates have been changed but still being worked on.
  • And many more to come!

Staff updates

Congratulations to Nuget on his promotion to Mod+!

If you think you have what it takes to join our cool kids team, try your luck in applying! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


No events for the time being but they will make a return when we got them ready to play!

Well that's it from me, i’ll hopefully either see y’all in game in the next week!


We have no updates on prison due to all the chaos associated with map resets on our other two servers!

Server Updates

Selfie of the week

This week our winner is PaperCactus22! How awesome is it that we now have turtles on the server!!

Starting as of next week we will be having TWO winners for selfie of the week! One for Survival and one for Skyblock! Be sure to submit your entries in this thread!! [here]

Build Competition

Due to all the confusion and chaos of map resets, we are cancelling this months build comp! Do not worry though, we will be back with something even more exciting for next month!

That's all for this week, It's been a busy one and I'm sure the next one will be too! - Pasta Squad

End of Post.