A Very Fancy News Update!
Written by H1N9

Fruitsters, hello! Being my second news post I thought I'd make it a quick but important one.

Community Managers Rank

With the sad leaving of AuZombie from the Network Managers role it is time for two of our most experienced players to setup into this brand new position!

Goldsta and Gamerbabe will be our brand new Community Managers. This means that they will be incharge of organising:

  • Staff management: Applications and promotions
  • Monthly news posts
  • Competition management, e.g Voting and Build comp
  • Assist event managers with their role
  • Managing the Fruit social media, Facebook etc

Please congratulate them when you see them ingame!

Build Team Updates

Fantastic work to those of you who have already been accepted as part of the brand new builder rank.

The Community Managers and I will be working together shortly to put in place the final plans for the builder rank and outlining the amazing program for you to be apart of.

SkyBlock Beta Testing

The skyblock beta is here! It has been awesome to see so many people helping us test the next stage for Fruit Servers. Skyblock has a really awesome future thanks to your help in spotting the bugs and providing feedback.

Please continue to keep doing so! The more feedback we get the better skyblock will become. Geekxboy unfortunately is quite unwell at the moment so the updates are rather slow.

I've created an official thread here for listing all of the bugs or addition requests that you guys want. Please make sure to check it out.


End of Post.