An experiment ...
Written by ipoodalittle

Hello fruitlings!

Now this post is kind of important, well important for those of you wanting to host events. We have decided to try out a new scheme which will allows players to build and host their own events. So essentially if you have an event you've built you can send ipoodalittle a /mail in game or via the website and we can discuss the date and time etc. However, there are conditions to players being able to host their own events.

You MUST build your event in Survival (staff will not be world editing anything in)

You CANNOT build an event that requires any staff permissions to be given to you. We will not be giving any permissions out, however should you require a broadcaster, one of us will be able to help.

Events built CANNOT have large amounts of redstone within them (or entities), as this lags the server and everyone within that chunk, which will cause issues.

Your event MUST be unique. We will not allow players to host events that are essentially another version of our own. You must build something different. It cannot just be another boat race, or another musical chairs, or another spleef. Get creative! If it is successful we may even make it a set event we run on the Fridays.

Players events cannot be on a Friday.


The idea of this is so players can host events they've been working on and asking to host. It also lets the staff team relax a little more. Recently we have been pulling our hair out building and preparing and hosting events for the community, now we'd like to see our community build some fun events and give them the chance to host them.

During this time we will also be revising the Event Manager role, and will be paying close attention to those wishing to host and build their own event.

If you have any further questions you can contact ipoodalittle, demski, Goldsta or Aphrodiite_.

Should you wish to book an event, send ipoodalittle a /mail in game or on the wesbite.

End of Post.