Another Fruity Update~
Written by Bloo

Hey fruitsters! It’s Bloo writing up the weekly post for the first time, have mercy please! This week has been full of activities and events, and we hope everyone enjoyed every bit of it. This post should bring a general recap, so sit back relax and enjoy~

(PS- This post will be the blooest you'll ever see)

The Rundown

Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 2740
  • Current monthly donation progress: 129%
  • Current monthly top donor: Kelikai

These statistics are looking fair, considering that we’ve just started fresh. Let’s hope they keep improving, and let’s make it better than last year’s statistics!

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 3255
  • Current monthly donation progress: 34%
  • Current monthly top donor: Bloo

This is certainly better than last week’s 1% donation progress. We really want Skyblock to skyrocket, let us know in the comments below why it may not be as good as survival (even though I personally think it is!).

Flashy Fruity News!

As you may have seen, the server’s obviously recently updated to 1.9 introducing a few types of arrows, beetroot, and those weird purple blocks. 1.9 is running on both survival and skyblock and both /warp shop’s have been updated to have most of the 1.9 items in it! Go and check them out now~

Unfortunately, when changes come, there is always something that breaks. This time, it’s our beloved mcMMO plugin. Hopefully the developers of mcMMO will update it soon for all of the Minecrafters to enjoy.

The End has been enabled, but.. It’s not a sight for sore eyes. It has been raided badly, and all the crystals have been disabled due to explosions. If you have any suggestions about the End, make sure you head to our suggestion forum page here.

Sweet Staff News

This past Saturday, we welcomed Kelikai to the staff team. He has been showing the whole team a wide range of positive attitudes in game, and has definitely deserved this rank of Trial-Mod. Make sure to congratulate him when you see him in game!

On Sunday last week, Eiar made a return to our Skyblock server as a moderator. We are very glad to have her back aboard on the staff team, make sure to welcome her again whenever you see her at /server skyblock.

1.9 has introduced itself with bugs & glitches as well, so if you find anything that doesn’t seem right; make sure to contact any of the staff members. And we’re all very willing to help everyone have a good time on the server.

Coming Up & Friendly Reminders

The following week will be incredibly hectic for all of the staff team, as we are hosting numerous amounts of Easter themed events and prizes. If you find us to be annoyed and frustrated, don’t take it to heart! We just want to give you all the fun time you can possibly have <3

A friendly reminder to all of the fruitsters, I (Bloo) will be hosting another Team Build Battle this coming Monday afternoon. Make sure you come along, we have unique prizes to give out to the winners. This build battle will have three rounds of 20 minutes. Details will be explained on the event.

Another friendly reminder again, our very own Aphrodite has re-created one of Fruit Survival’s best warps ever made: /warp enderfarm. With help from players like Illuumination, this enderfarm should be better than the last one. Go and check it out now.

You remember those awesome wing particles that was introduced recently? Well, just a quick update about it.. It now offers rainbow particle wings! Check it out on our server store now.

Skyblock has had many essential commands updated so newcomers will have a much easier time settling in. Commands like /info and /rules have been fixed up, with an area added to spawn to explain donation ranks and other changes gradually being made. Please check out the Skyblock server, it really is getting better and better by each week.

♥ Lovely Weddings ♥

The following couples are the newly weds-

  • Andoscafe & NaturalBreeze
  • Saraddoll & hayleyfcnw10
  • xDylonPlayzMC & BeastyBoss_303
  • AshbyNight & kaseyella20

Let’s hope none of these four will end in divorce...

Event Recaps

This week has been FULL of events and activities. In this post, I will be mentioning the winners from all of the past events this week. Congratulations to ALL participants, we all hope you enjoyed the events we’d planned. More are coming this easter! Prepare yourselves for a wall of text.

If you want to read a more detailed version of event recaps, visit ipoodalittle’s event tab here.

Skyblock Friday Afternoon Event: Hide and Seek Winners

Round (1) Winners: TheMote and Starberri

Round (2) Winners: DeadlyCookies and QuasarNebula

Round (3) Winners: DeadlyCookies and QuasarNebula (again!)

Survival Friday Night Event: Hide and Seek Winners

Round (1) Winners: CapnCoopa, ItsSquish (x2), Gameboy82356, xSilent_Knightx, Kelikai and Quackaz.

Round (2) Winners: SparkleyFlopcorn, Le_Commandant (x2), Illuumination, Kelikai, Mad_Master and Apotoxin.

Round (3) Winners: Apotoxin (x2), QueenLagoona (x2), CapnCoopa and ItsSquish.

Survival Wednesday Night Event: Obstacle Course Rankings

Round (1) - From 1st to 5th:

Le_Commandant, Cahms, QueenLagoona, Mad_Master, Dexylicious.

Round (2) - From 1st to 5th:

Le_Commandant, Mad_Master, Dexylicious, QueenLagoona, disqualifiedperson.

Round (3) - From 1st to 5th:

Cahms, Mad_Master, Dexylicious, xSilent_Knightx, amber_mx.

Congratulations again to all of the winners, especially those who have (x2)’s. They might just be a little too pro for the rest of us :’c We’d also like to thank everyone again for their participation and cooperation in events.

Build Competition - Shiver Me Timbers!

As usual, we’d all like to remind everyone of our monthly build competitions. This month’s theme is pirates. This is our first competition held in survival ever since the map wipe, and is also the first competition that we allowed teaming up into pairs. You are allowed to interpret this thrsdeme however you wish.

Yes! Players are encouraged to work in teams of 2 at the very most, however you are still able to work individually. Raise yer chances of winning with teamwork! Savvy? Great, get going and build them pirate builds up!

That’s it for me this fabulous week, let’s make this coming week even better. Stay safe everyone~


(disclaimer: cats may or may not have walked across my keyboard while editing which may explain any typos or weird words throughout the post. Had to fix by eye, since there is no red wiggly line thingy..)

End of Post.