Another week full of fun!
Written by Meloonnn

Hey guys! How are we all on this finnnee evening? Kicking off with our first weekly post of May! How quickly has the year gone by so far…. Faster for some than others. Let's get straight into it :)

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Player Count: 1743!

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Current monthly top donator: Spike_M

Current monthly top donator: Itachi_Uchihaa

Beyond the bowl

As there are many special promotions I have got to list... please dont yell at me for the confusing text you're about to read... Over on survival we sadly lost Wolfette85, she will be dearly missed and we thank her for her time! On a more exciting note tonight on Survival we saw the promotion of Malzi! And on his birthday too?! Congratulations on Admin, you deserved it mate! Catching up on a few weeks of Skyblocks staff updates, I would like to personally congratulate SantyMax_ to Trial Moderator! Welcome to the team! I would also like to congratulate Chuz, H0tB0x and Bails_1997 on moderator!! Make sure you pester them for help! And last but not least, a huge congratulations to, Verlisper and Deadly_Arachnid!


Last week on fruit we had three fruity rounds of Musical chairs over on survival! We had so many of you turn up, most of our pods were filled instantly! Congratulations to definelittlesnag, _MrFrosty_ and xVexro for winning one round each! Following up, we had a couple rounds of Hide and Seek on Survival and I must say the staff as usual had some very HARD spots to find.. So congratulations to... Tomo_919, Nebula_, Lagoonaa, Sir_Blocker, _MrFrosty_, CrazyCrawfish, MJT23, Verlisper, Clasher143,Sir_Blocker and SparkleyFlopcorn for all finding numerous people!

Following up, over on skyblock we also had Musical chairs! Again we had many of you turn up destined to earn prizes… Congratulations to LadyAmayo, Itachi_Uchihaa and Nebula_ for also winning one round each!

Also during the week, on Survival, we had a could rounds of some free for all kind of Pvp Event..with withers.. As neither myself or Zozua were able to make it. We would like to thank Goldsta and Co hugely for stepping up into our place. From what we heard back you players loved it! And were ready for some more rounds when we sadly had to end it, Congratulations to Sky_lary, Pizzafied and Captaincheezelz for ending in the top three!

This week over on Survival we have TntRun on Wednesday and Spleef on Friday so make sure you find time to pop on for a round or two! And for events on Skyblock.. they remain a mystery! So come on and join us :)

Newly Weds!

Survival:                                                                                 Skyblock:

Animal_Lover  >>  sach0100                                                  Aphroditie >> Verlisper

meg _exe >> ShellyBelly050                                                  BoopPolice >> _Squid_Squid_

Acbaybay >> Skidzz                                                               ItsSquish >> Vexatious_

Terror134 >> Britney1177                                                       SweeterThanSugar >> WittyQuipHere

Ancient_Cheetah >> Wanderer2001                                      Santymax123 >> itsmerodger

Samsblock >> SecondAuthority                                              steaks_28 >> xXTacoMan23Xx

LaraStar511 >> JakeWithFiveEs                                             _GrN >> Inndi

Spike_M >> SilverDeviluke                                                     Light_Bacon >> alyssa332333

Build Comp: This Month’s Theme: Parkour

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th May.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.

- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!

~ Meloonnn

End of Post.