Another weekly update from the Fruity Bowl
Written by Demski

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Beyond The Bowl

Lets start off with the staff changes. There are no staff changes on Survival this week! However Skyblock had a busy week with 4 new trial mods. A huge welcome to KingGodfrey, xLocox, bearnecssity and Spleggie for joining and congratulations to TashaRashVest and Vandareth for passing their trial becoming ful-fledged moderators!

Remember, if you have the time and you think you got what it takes to help out our amazing community, you can go to the Staff Section on the Fruitservers page to apply for a position as a Moderator , Builder or Event Co-ordinator!

Good news for the more inventive players who like to frolick over on our creative server; More perks are being added! Not only that, we're looking into making some existing perks more worthwhile. To start with, the Armour Stand tools perk has been added which allows you to experiment with more customisable armour stands. We've also revisited the world edit brush perk and made it several times more useful - you'll need to read the description on the store for that one because there's a little too much to mention here! Players who have already purchased brushes will need to wait a little for us to update your existing perk as it is a time consuming process. More will be added to the creative store in coming days, get excited!

Dont forget to check out the store! There are new Rain trails, tears, warts (lolzzz), blood diamonds, gold and even a rain builder! Be sure to ask in chat if you need a preview from players who already have them. There are also some snazzy block trails from glass, flowers and even ores. These make a fun addition to the game! We also have a few new Disguises: shulker box. pictures, etc. You can ask Goldsta if he can show you a few as i am sure he would quite happy turn players into shulker boxes for you to see!!

Also Dont forget to take a look at the forums, which has recently undergone a  few new minor changes.

Regarding Pets, i have spoken with H1N9 and hopefully pets will be Sorted soon. Woohoo!!!



This week we had a TnT Run and an Ice Boat Race. The TnT run on Wednesday had 6 Rounds. Gratz to QueerumLeghan, dababychicken, Lagoona, Pinto, Glacie and IRblu3z! There was one more winner (H1N9) but I'm yet to be pursuaded he didnt cheat!!! Friday was the Ice Boat race. What an amazing build this event is! Amazing job from the builders. This is my personal favorite by far! There were 5 rounds in total and the winners were Gingerbreed_man, Xiphias88, yarrum00, Naayilly and aussietacos. Hope you fruitloops didn't get too wet!


This week there were two events. A Trivia Quiz and a Musical Chairs event. Starting with the Trivia Quiz there were a few winners. Jadieee topped the leaderboard with three wins followed by Zazabwe and AlwxGPTB with two wins. Matrix360, Shruuub and justoon finish the list with one win each. Gratzz to you all! On Thursday we played a few cheeky rounds of musical chairs with many players doing the notorious walk of shame after losing, but gratz to wizard9802, topgearfreshy and crunch312 who managed to grab their chairs the quickest!

Don't forget to check out the Event calander for upcoming events!



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Selfie Of The Week


Gratz Sleepy_Ninja . Make sure you Grab me ingame for your reward.

Dont forget to submit your Selfies  for a change to  win a Token.

Build Competition
Rejoice, we've decided to bring back the build competition for 2018! January's theme will be something a little simpler, we hope to receive dozens of entries! The theme we've chosen is mediterranean, an example image should give you an idea of what sort of build we're after if you're not so sure what it's about. Remember there won't be any prizes distributed unless we get at least 5 entries.

Competition Rules
- Build must be finished by 31st January.
- Players are restricted to working individually.
- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.
- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.
- Only one entry per individual.
- No pixel art!
- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.
- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!
- Minimum 5 entries. There will be no winners announced if we don't get at least 5 entries!
- Builds need to be started and completed within the same month. You cannot use assets from previous entries.
- Completed entries that don't earn a top 3 place will net the builder a token on the server of their choice.

Still plenty of time to enter, get those creative fluids going and get building.

Thats me done for another week, hope you all enjoy the  read. This is Captain Dank Signing out.

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