Written by SirEraze

Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuun! I mean.. Its April!

Welcome everyone, Eraze here, bringing you another Fruity news post to keep everyone updated!

Great Month, right? Crates, Music, new Staff and much more! Once again, i would just like to thank-you all for being a part of this amazing community, and taking this ride with us. Our goal is to create the best possible Minecraft Environment for you guys, and give you all the best possible experience while you are here. The overwhelming support is making us realize that you all love it. Because of this, we have plenty more goodies to come! In this post i will highlight some key things i would like to talk about, so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy!


4000 Players

Last month it was 3000, and now 4000? Woah! Thank-you all so much, and like i have always said in the past, we never imagined that we would reach these numbers. Lets keep them rising, and make all our new players feel warm and welcome!


I say this every month, but once again, we have hit over 500% of our monthly goal! We nearly reached $3000! Once again, because of this we have Ricky and Bliv working their twerking little butts off to bring more and more amazing things to the table, So get ready!


As you may have seen, we have slowly been bringing more trusted players in to the Staff team, and we have even made more space at spawn. This is simply because the server is growing. Our goal with the Staff team is to have a dedicated team of players, ready to be on the server when you are. We are spending more time making sure there are always Staff members online, even over-night for the players in other countries.
So if you see any new Staff around, make sure to congratulate them, and say Hi!
Recent Changes - DEV Rickydaan, DEV OhBlihv, MOD StabPlaysMC, TRIAL-MOD EZ420, TRIAL-MOD vaMpeex

Congratulations to these winners! To be next months winner, you'd better start voting!


This section is dedicated to players that strive to be better, and are dedicated to the server. Each winner will receive their head at spawn for the month of March, and an awesome Forum badge.

Player of the month: KittyPryde21

Well done Kitty! Over the last month you have been such a wonderful player, and you most definitely deserve this months title. Not only have you been on every day with school as well, you have also been voting, keeping active in chat, using the forums and everything else a dedicated player like you would do. Thank-you for your dedicated to the server!

Staff of the month: Rickydaan
Ricky, ricky, ricky.. What a champ! Even though you are asleep when im awake and vise-versa, you manage to keep a high communication level with the whole team. Your enthusiasm towards the server is great, and you are constantly working on making it better. Whilst coding away for us, you still manage to hop on the server, talk to players, build cool stuff and you are always floating on the forums.
Thanks for being such a great guy, and you also have deserved this medal!


This months building theme is 'Outerspace', you can take this in any way you like and/or do what you wish with it, just make it creative!

Competition Rules:

- Build must be finished by the 29th of April- Users cannot work in pairs- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the survival world- Only one entry per user


This month we will be doing a major prize! However, this also means there will only be one winner! This months major prize is a Razer Deathadder Chroma!


[+] Added Crates[+] Spawn Particles[+] Added ChatBlock[+] Changes to Staff[+] Changes to HallOfFame[+] Granted Mods access to RollBacks[-] Removed 'Auto Help Messages'

Coming soon:
- Many, many secrets.

Once again, i hope this post was an enjoyable post, and i hope you are all excited for another month of Chocolaty Easter fun!See you all in game, and take care!
- Your one and only FruitLord, Eraze x

End of Post.