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Hello my fabulous fruity flops. This is Love Guru- I mean this is Goldsta bringing you the much anticipated recap for yet another beautiful month! We’ve had yet another hectic month, and I have faaar too much to talk about this time around. Are you excited? If you answered no, I will deal with you in private. Moving on, here is the monthly post!

-Fruitbowl News

Survival Map Wipe

A full two months have passed since Fruitsurvival had its much needed map wipe, and I think it’s safe to say everyone has settled back in just fine. Many old hotspots have been revised and improved, publically available to all for your viewing pleasure! The economy has been fine-tuned to ensure it isn’t too easy nor too difficult to succeed.

More importantly, our server updated to 1.9 around the beginning of March. Expectedly, we ran into many issues with plugins and more than a few have unfortunately been disabled until they are updated. This includes the very popular McMMO, which understandably has made players quite upset. If you are winning McMMO tokens from crates, they will NOT carry over when McMMO returns. HOWEVER! If you are able to take a screenshot of you winning the tokens, as well as the time and date visible on the screenshot, I am happy to provide players with tokens they’re missing once McMMO returns.

3840 Players! - Survival

New faces everywhere! In two short months since our map wipe, close to 4000 floppy faces have joined us in causing havo- I mean….almost 4000 wonderful faces have joined the Fruitbowl to take part in the magic we have to offer! Once more, records have been blown out of the water with, at one point, survival having 82 players online at once! Across both survival and skyblock we had 92 at one point, which is simply a jaw-dropping statistic to see. Many keys were handed out during that day, to celebrate multiple records being broken so rapidly!

3775 Players! - Skyblock

I am SO pleased to see the way our beautiful little skyblock server has been picking up as of late! We’ve developed a nice little group of regular players who are undoubtedly enjoying everything we have to offer on skyblock. Unfortunately due to a few hiccups, we haven’t been able to organise any events for Skyblock since updating to 1.9. Rest assured, weekly events will be scheduled for skyblock too once everything is fixed and back to normal!

Donation Goals

Our donation goals have, once more, been cleared with ease! Thank you to every generous individual who has donated throughout the month on both survival and skyblock. We are also listening to players requests to have certain survival perks become available on skyblock, so be sure to voice your opinions through either forum threads or just messaging staff if you’re too shy! Recently, players have also inquired about how to bring perk ideas/requests to the attention of staff. Simple, forum thread and/or message staff to bring it to their attention. We’ve also heard players asking about a rank above Fruit-Titan/Fruit-Spirit, however we aren’t completely sold on the idea. How do you feel about this? Let us know!

Easter Madness!

We wanted Easter 2016 with Fruitservers to be special, so the staff team worked tirelessly in the weeks prior to organise a massive streak of events that would keep you guys happy throughout Easter! I won’t delve too far into them as iPod has done another fantastic recap, which you can find over on the Events page. Needless to say, it was incredibly busy and we felt that the players were kept on their toes the entire time. We had spontaneous drop parties and even a random Capture the Flag event on top of all the scheduled events over the long weekend! Needless to say, the team needs a big thank you for their efforts in organising and executing everything over the weekend.


Over the past few months, staff and builders have worked alongside each other to create exciting events for you guys. Now that the Easter long weekend is over, we've decided to use the opportunity to just spend April brainstorming ideas and building in our spare time to prepare. We don't expect April to have many new events, so we've decided to change things up a little. A post has been made on the Events page detailing our new approach to players wishing to host events. If you're keen to host events, you MUST have a read through that post!


Fruitservers is driven by its passionate, lovable community who have developed a knack for making every player’s stay enjoyable. This is due, in part, to all the different ways for players to communicate and express themselves through our server. We have a wiki and gallery which unfortunately don’t see much exposure, however our teamspeak and more recently dubtrack have absolutely taken off! If you would like to truly immerse yourself and become well known within the community, I would strongly recommend dropping by teamspeak or joining in on the dubtrack madness. Special mention to MistOfDusk who set up our servers’ dubtrack. I think everyone can agree he has done a fantastic job of managing it!

Fruitservers Gallery - www.fruitservers.net/gallery
Fruitservers Wiki - www.fruitservers.net/wiki
Fruitservers Teamspeak - ts3.fruitservers.net
Fruitservers Dubtrack - dubtrack.fm/join/fruit-servers

Recent Weddings

<3 S1L3NT_K1LL3R51 + DecayedSeraph <3
<3 Ross of Rossmas and Acheiveratah  <3
<3 xXMysticPixelXx and endersnake207 <3
<3 Le_Commandant + DayLightCanvasXD <3
<3 Milly0034 + UniqueTrojan <3
<3 Beachfrog + franni101 <3
<3 SparkleyFlopcorn + Dexylicious <3
<3 Frieddd + AshleySx <3
<3 Apotoxin + ItsSquish <3
<3 QuickFrost + TJ_PvP <3


Well done to these dedicated voters, you've each earned a $15 store voucher to spoil yourself (or others!) with.

Voting is one of the best ways you can help the server, and you get rewarded for it with keys! Vote consistently enough and you may end up taking home the top prize for the month, a little coupon to spoil yourself with. Not only that, your vote points get stored up and can be spent online in the vote point store.

Vote point store: www.fruitservers.net/survivalvote

Build Competition

The month of March unfortunately didn't see many entries for the build competition. Although this makes things significantly easier when choosing winners, we are very disappointed to see the lack of enthusiasm for build competitions held in the survival world. As a result, we have decided to forego the build competition for the month of April. Please be sure to congratulate the winners of this month's build competition, however!


If you've won a voucher, please speak to Goldsta about redeeming it. Please remember that these vouchers do not count towards your ingame rank, and they may be used on others too! If you're really confident in yourself and you think you can nab a voucher in the next month, you'd be happy to know they do add up.

Top Players

This is for you players who make the Fruitbowl what it is; a friendly, enjoyable experience for all every day, and every night. Every month one player and one staff member from both Survival and Skyblock are selected and recognized for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Player of the month survival - SparkleyFlopcorn. Miss Flopcorn here has unsurprisingly earned herself quite a reputation with the community. An absolute pleasure to interact with on teamspeak, Flopcorn has also taken on a leading role on dubtrack and has definitely earned the prestigious award for this month. Well done SparkleyFlopcorn, keep up the fantastic work.

Player of the month skyblock - staffii. Although I personally have not had many opportunities to interact with staffii, I’ve heard nothing but good things about him! Staffii logs a ridiculous amount of hours on the skyblock server and is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. Staffii has proven himself to be an exceptional player to our skyblock playerbase and is more than deserving of the wonderful award for this month. Well done staffii, keep up the great work!

Staff of the month survival - Youngbloods. This owl has gone above and beyond for the month of March, showcasing her flexibility as a staff member by appearing mornings, afternoons, and nights most frequently. Youngbloods has even begun making regular appearances on teamspeak - you can frequently catch her laughing at other people’s misfortune. Her exemplary performance throughout the month of March has earned her this fabulous award.

Staff of the month skyblock - Eiar. Returning to her post as Skyblock’s gatekeeper, Eiar has maintained the fantastic standard she set in her previous tenure as a Moderator and has definitely cemented her role with the skyblock community. Always ready, able, and willing to respond to queries and answer pleas for help, Eiar is undoubtedly the best role model for players wishing to become staff on skyblock. Amazing work, Eiar!

-Beyond the Bowl

An incredibly busy month as expected, March saw some unexpected departures. Unfortunately we must bid farewell to RohDawg1998, Mavinnn, EnCrYpTeDPaNdA, and Tialis. Roh has unfortunately had internet issues for quite a while now, and he has decided to depart from the team until his technical issues are resolved. As mentioned in a previous post, Mavinnn simply didn’t feel the same passion for his role as when he initially joined so he has parted ways with the server. Panda’s work commitments have unfortunately kept him at bay and he has made the decision to step down from both his staff and builder role. This final one is a little more unexpected. Tialis has sadly made the difficult decision of stepping down in order to deal with other issues that have taken precedence in her life. We wish her nothing but the very best and we will welcome her with open arms should she ever decide to return.

On survival we had the pleasure of welcoming Kelikai to the staff team. He boasts a great deal of experience and will undoubtedly excel in his role as a leading member of the community. Over on skyblock, Eiar has returned to her rank of Moderator as mentioned above. We are very lucky to have Eiar back in this position, and she is incredibly valuable within the skyblock community.

Staff applications for survival and skyblock will now be open throughout the month. If you believe you have what it takes to take on a leading role within the community, we strongly encourage you to apply. You must remember, we set incredibly high standards and we expect only your best efforts when you’re applying! Builder applications have and will remain open throughout the month, as usual. Best of luck fruit loops!

We expect April to be a more quiet month compared to March and February.
I hope you all have a floptastic April!
This is Golden Potato signing out.

End of Post.