August Recap
Written by Ahtnamas80

Hello Fruity People, Ahtnamas80 here to welcome you to another installment of fruity news from your favourite fruity server!  We made it through another winter, and now it is time to dust off the sunnies and hats, stock up on the sunscreen and say hello to the sunshine as we march forward into another spring! While a lot of us are in and out of lockdowns, we still have plenty of fun things to help you through your isolation, so check out everything we have install for you this month!

★ Fruit Fest 2021 ★

Opening tonight (Wednesday 1st Sept) at 8pm is the Fruit Fest! Join us in game as we launch our amazing new Fruit Fest area full of games and activities for players to enjoy together.  While away the long lockdown hours challenging your friends in tests of skill, or play a few rounds of Fruitopoly, Ludo or Connect 4!  Check out /warp fest (not open till 8pm) on Survival and let the fun times roll!  To celebrate the opening of Fruit Fest we are also running an Art Competition, we want to see what all you clever artists are up to, so check out the forum post (link coming asap) for more information on how to enter.  And finally, H1N9 loves a good joke, so he wants you all to send in your funniest jokes, you will have to work hard to get a chuckle out of H1!  Check out the Joke Competition forum post for more information on how to enter.  Oh, and we will be rewarding our most talented artist, and funniest joker with a cool prize, you will just have to read the forum posts to find out more about that too.

The staff have put an incredible amount of work to get the Fruit Fest area up and running in a very short amount of time, the hours and effort they have put in has just blown me away, so a massive thank you to you all, be sure to let them know how much you love all the work they have put into this amazing event!

★ Build Comp Winners ★

Builders! You have fought a good fight! Your efforts have been noticed, the judges broke down in tears, sweated out their decisions and chose what they thought was the best out of an outstanding selection.

This is the most successful building competition we have ever had on FruitServers and those who contributed have made FruitServers' history! Be it due to the endless lockdowns, the latest minecraft update or the exclusivity of the event - it has far exceeded expectation!

Thank you all! Winners, well done - losers, know that there wasn't much in it! Believe me!

Contact H1 for your store credit vouchers and additional plots - PoshKid will arrange the entry prizes within the coming days. ~PoshKidI would just like to add that PoshKid put an amazing amount of effort in organising the Build Comp, so thank you Posh, it looks like everyone had an awesome time building some fantastic creations! A big thank you to all the judges, that looked like a really hard competition to judge!

★ Survival Rules Update.There has been some confusion recently over a couple of rules, so we have reviewed these issues and made some updates to address this, and make things a little clearer.First we have added a rule - Rule 15 - A maximum of 10 villagers is allowed in a 100 block radius.  We have had to implement this due to the laggy nature of villagers, if you would like to have more then 10 you will need to have multiple areas 100 blocks apart.  Also rule 2 has been updated to clearly specify that abusing the clay/lapis exploit is treated the same as using a xray resource pack or hacked client.  Please make sure you read the rules so you are aware of these changes.  If you have any questions please ask a staff member.★ Tropical Fish and DolphinsThere has been many requests to have these spawn eggs available for purchase from /warp shop, so they have been added.  You can use the tropical fish to breed axolotls, spawn them and then pick them up in a bucket.

★ Pixelmon Update.The Pokemon spawn rates have been increased, and should more accurately represent the amount of Pokemon you would have seen before the last mod update. Big thanks to Benjabot for helping with the technical side of things!Staff have been working on a brand new safari zone, which will be released very soon! This new safari zone will have 27 biomes, which is almost 4x the size of the current safari zone. It will boast an enormous range of Pokemon to add to your collection, and will be a lot more accessible to players.

​★ Donations ★ A massive thank you to everyone who has supported Fruit Servers this month, this money helps us to continue to update and develop exciting new content for us all.

Congratulations to this months winners, please contact a Community Manager or H1N9 to redeem your vouchers.

★  Voting Competition ★

Thank you to everyone who votes for Fruit Servers, those votes help us to spread the word about our amazing community and encourage new players to join us.  Remember that votes are tallied a few hours before the end of the month, so sneeking in votes right at the end may not count towards your total.  Congratulations to this months winners, please contact a Community Manager or H1N9 to redeem your vouchers.

★  Top Players ★

This month Kloeno has been a very active and social player, always ready for a chat on discord, and inclusive to all!  It is players like Kloeno who help to make our community the wonderful place it is!

Iam_sloth has been one of Skyblock's most active players through the month of August, and is consistently
enthusiastic in-game and on Discord.

Brewed has shown dedication to the server since the day they joined, embodying the Fruitservers
community spirit in their daily travels on Pixelmon. Congratulations BrewedDaily!

Stockerz is a dedicate staff member, who has a wicked sense of humor and is always fun to chat with on discord.  This month he has put in an enormous amount of effort, and insane redstone skills to bringing some of the more complicated games to life for the Fruit Fest.  Congrats Socz, you have really earned this recognition.

snowpeaa has shown excellent mentorship and exhibited their usual outgoing and upbeat nature this month, and unparalled activity through the month of August. Thank you for all the work you do and congratulations snowpeaa!

This month the pixelmon team have been blown away by the dedication that their temporary Comm-m Asc has applied to not only the server, but them as a team. Asc has taken on this role in ways that could have only been imagined before, and we cannot wait to see what else comes to the server from his wonderful mind!

Phew!  Made it to the end of another post.  I can not wait to see you all at the Fruit Fest, we are very excited for you all to see the amazing things we have put together.  Stay safe everyone, and remember if you are lonely and missing normal life during these hard time, come say hi to us on Fruit Servers, we are always here to have fun!  ~Ahtnamas80

End of Post.