August Recap
Written by H1N9

Hello Fruitsters, Ahtnamas80 here bringing you all the latest news from around the Fruitbowl. With the end of August we can finally say goodbye to Winter!  Time to cast off those fluffy jumpers and woolly scarves and time to get out the sun block, sunnies and hats.  We had a lot of fun around the servers during August, and it was really great to see everyone getting involved in the build comp and book week activities!  This Sunday is Father’s Day, so to celebrate we will be running Dad themed events this weekend across the servers, so make sure you jump on to check those out.  We have lots of other news to catch up on, so lets get into started…

Token Shop Update

Once again, B0GGSY has been hard at work bring exciting new content to the token shop:

Howdy once again fruitsters, B0GGSY here with some cool info on tokens! You may have seen me building a new room below warp token for a little bit now. Whilst some of you guessed it correctly and others still awaiting, I am releasing a new token armour set! Whilst exploring the nether you fell into lava, your gear became infused with the magma and resulted in a big increase in strength. Pick up the magma set before it cools down and disappears! Check out /warp token! (At the moment, when you purchase a piece of the magma set you will need to contact me (B0GGSY) to get the armour trim applied)

On another note, we have some more news! The next season of token tools have been launched as well! The third iteration of the colour series. Head on down to take a look and grab a few new flashy tools!

That's it from me! Stay fruity,


Custom Death Messages Perk

A long awaited perk has finally been updated! If you own the custom death messages perk on Survival, Skyblock or Prison. You are now able to customise even more types of deaths from falling into lava or being struck from the gods above from lightning! Big thanks to FreyCake for updating the perk for us!

August Build Comp

Fruity Builders, the August Build Competition has finally come to a close.
The build comp was a big hit this time around, gaining twelve incredible builds from both players and staff that blew all of our expectations out of the water.
Each submission fought tirelessly until the end, taking in consideration from every thoughtfully placed block and flower, each build gained over 100 points each. Well done!

We could sit here forever and talk about how lovely everyone’s builds are but this is still a competition! After hours of meticulous voting, our nine judges inspected every inch of the builds to give the fairest set of points they could based on a criteria of four; Creativity, Originality, Cohesiveness and Detail. The winning submissions seemed to hit each of these spot on with ease. It is clear to see hours of effort and thought went into every aspect of their builds and are incredibly deserving of their places.

In first place, having gained 318 points is Shivelry with their “Hideaway of the Kitsune Spirits,” a beautiful lush valley hideaway matched by the giant foxes who reside in the peaceful mountain top.
In second place with 247 points, is ettercap_ with “The Psychedelic Forests.” This magical biome is painted with colourful flora, colossal mushrooms and trees that hide the vibrant beauty hidden beneath.
In third place with a very close 246 points is AllSignsPoint2 with their “Caldera Redwood Forest,” a beautiful redwood forest that has mysteriously grown from the remnants of an ancient volcano.
Our top three will receive a special Build Competition Winner Chattag as well as little goodies for them to enjoy on the server.

While these three builders came out on top, all of our entrants will receive a prize in their respective brackets. The places for these submissions were very close, with most only having a 1 point difference from one another!
From 4th to 10th place we have Poshkid, Z0mb11_, starwolf2728, KawaGuardian, beescuit_, FlynnCake and Xoguap who will each gain 10k in-game cash, 1 token and 1 party key for the server of their choice.
And last but certainly not least, we have Dex in 11th place and MeekCoffee07 in 12th who will receive 5k in-game cash and 1 party key for the server of their choice.
We thank everyone who entered and took their time to create a beautiful submission for us to look through. No matter what you placed, please be proud of your efforts! They were incredible! We also thank our judges who took time out of their busy lives to help us in voting, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Until next time,
Ron and Madi

Book Week 2023

What a fun time book week was, we saw lots of literary skins, and got to read so many interesting stories!  The progressive stories were quite fun to read also, and included some very interesting twists and turns.   Well done to everyone who entered the different competitions we ran during the week, and congratulations to the winners, the winning stories will be put on display in the spawns on Survival, Skyblock and Pixelmon in the next week, so make sure you stop by and check them out!

Fruity Tales

  • Survival: Luna and Oliver by Peachiemeow
  • Skyblock: Masterpiece by WolfyGrrl


Skin Competition:

  • 1st: Teddynyv for their skin inspired by Winnie the Pooh
  • 2nd: ItsNotorious for their skin inspired by Jurassic Park
  • 3rd: WolfyGrrl for their skin inspired by The Hobbit


  • Survival: Starwolf2728
  • Skyblock: be_happy99910
  • Pixelmon: ItsNotorious

A huge thank you to all the staff who worked together to bring all the book week activities to life, a lot of time went into planning and organising everything for this, so make sure you let them know how much we appreciate all their hard work!

Calling all witches and wizards, we have some exciting things planned during September, keep an eye on the weekly posts, discord and instagram for more info….

As an added bonus, the following players for coming in the top 10, will also receive a token item of their choice on a server of their choice: Ogge886, PrincessPoppy3, lceMocha, AuzzieHulk, ZakXXXX, vipersmile, ThatSplatDude

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the month so sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help. Props to everyone for keeping voting as competitive as it has been, looks like everyone is eager to win themselves a voucher! Keep up the great work everyone, please message a Community-Manager or H1N9 to redeem your voucher this month.

Staff of the Month

Since rejoining the team, PrincessPoppy3 has been a constant ray of sunshine around the server. She is very dedicated to helping everyone in the community, and making sure everything is running well whenever she is online. It is wonderful having you back on the team Poppy, thank you for being the positive force you are!
MakoMoud has been a very busy person during this month, they have put so much effort and a heap of time into getting the gyms looking beautiful. He has shown a lot of dedication and enthusiasm, and we would be lost without all his hard work! Thank you for everything you have done Mako!
StayToasTi has been exceptional for the month of August, showing players around the server with enthusiasm during events and on Discord. Toast has put a lot of time into finding and squashing bugs and helping make events better for everyone. Thank you for your hard work Toast!

Players of the Month

Starwolf2728 is a very kind and sweet player. They’re very friendly and welcoming, particularly in discord where they’ve been active in a number of forums and discussions. From the moment she logs on Starwolf brings smiles to everyone, and always has something positive to say. Congrats Starwolf, and thank you for helping make Survival a friendly place to be!
Kaybeary is an active and friendly player, who is always ready to welcome players back, and chat with anyone. They have spent a massive amount of time creating amazing map art which they share with everyone, and help to make the server a fun place to be! Congrats Kaybeary, and thanks for being an amazing member of the community.
Wolfygrrrl has not only participated in most activities that staff put together for the community, but does so in a considerate and positive way. Wolfy helps make the server a welcoming environment for everyone, thank you and congratulations!

Fruitservers is lucky to have such strong moderating teams, however we are always accepting applications for all of our staff roles. Our wonderful Event and Build Teams in particular are still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into these roles. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application on Discord.

Well that brings us to the end of another monthly post.  We wish all those fathers and special people out there celebrating this Sunday an amazing day!

~Stay Fruity~


End of Post.