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Augustus Gloop! Augustus Gloop! The great big greedy nincompoop!

That's right, I just quoted Willy Wonka himself. -GOML

But honestly, what a marvellous month full of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. What do I mean by those three things? Well friend, get comfortable in that booster seat because you're about to find out!


10500 Players!

What the!? 10k Players! Thank-you all so much, it pleases us so greatly to see people jump online and being warmly greeted by eachother. We also recently reached an amazing 66 Players one eventful night! Let's keep the numbers rising, and make all our new players feel warm and welcome!

Donation goals

Another astounding Milestone! The biggest month FruitServers has hit yet, a whopping 676%! Because of this we have GeekxBoy and OhBlihv working their twerking little butts off to bring more and more amazing things to the table, so get ready!


Well as far as stability is concerned the server did hit some rather rough patches mid-month, causing the close of the donation store and the shaved down Store Sale. You could say it was a Sweaty time for us all.. However, the lag has been fixed, same goes with the voting site issues, and the store is back online! So pew pew pew! Only one way from here, and that is up.


Congratulations to these winners! To be next months winner, you'd better start voting! Please contact AUZombie via a website message to collect your prize.

  1. KingGoldsta                                             - $15 STORE VOUCHER
  2. GG_WP                                                     - $10 STORE VOUCHER
  3. The88thMidnight / princesspoppy2       - $5 STORE VOUCHER
Golly-gosh! Voting is such an easy way to get ahead on the server. Not only are you rewarded immediately with Keys to use on Crates at spawn, but you also can stack up your points to spend on the website Vote Store! And not only that.. The three people who do it the most get Vouchers!! I guess you could say it's a win-win-win.


What a fun experience this month has proven to be on the FruitServers Teamspeak! When people from all over the world, of all ages come together to play Minecraft and actually hear eachother's voice, magic happens. From the jokes and collective pranks to the deep personal stories and the passionate karaoke, this truely is why we are such a huge and friendly family.

Join us on TeamSpeak at:

Top Players

Not only have you been with us on the server for a very long time, you have also been voting, keeping active in chat, using the Teamspeak frequently and everything else a dedicated player like you would do. Thank-you Crazyaidos for your commitment to the server!

As a dedication to all your hard work and effort into making this place so great, you have earned this one champion. A warrior who defied sleep in order to make those he barely knew happy and content within this beautiful community. You were surrounded by loved ones - your family, and we appreciate every hour you spent drilling into the kinks it takes to run this place. Stay strong, love FruitServers. x



This month we say our goodbyes to three very loved members of the team. Hint: This is where the Tears come in. It's sad to see our Ched93 leave due to real life getting in the way. It happens to all of us eventually, hopefully in the future we will see you return! Bloo was an outstanding individual who's motto was; Give give give! A rolemodel to everyone and will be sorely missed, good luck with your school endevours. And a yound boy with a vision for a better Minecraft experience; Eraze founded this tiny seed of a server just over a year ago with nothing but his drive for perfection. Now I'm happy to say that it has blossomed into a beautiful PassionFruit and will fertilize the world with your origional vision. We love you long time and wish you the best. Thank you


On a brighter note, I'd like to welcome both MOD Mobbmaster and MOD demski to the team. They could not have performed better in their Trial period. And filling in for Eraze is the wonderful H1N9! He has thorough knowledge of everything server related and is completely devoted to continuing what Eraze started. Let's give a round of applause for these folks!

Staff Applications open NOW until Saturday the 8th!


A Bloody good participation in last months Hell Build Comp. Let's make this one a ripper!

Please contact AUZombie regarding your reward.

This months building theme is 'Fairytales'. you can take this in any way you like and/or do what you wish with it, just make it creative!
This month the build comp will be held in the Survival world, so rewatch Shrek to get a feel for the Princess castle or Giant Beanstalk you plan on building!

Competition Rules:

- Build must be finished by the 30th of August- Users MUST work individually- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the survival world- Only one entry per user


The prizes for this month are as follows -
1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.How to post your entry:
To post your competition entry, simply create a warp and post it in the comments section of this post, or write the co-ordinates.

For more information, consult the EVENTS page!

And that was all she wrote folks! Hopefully next month will bring us some more Blood, Sweat and Tears.- Love from your sneaky super hero, Auzzy! x

End of Post.