Australia Day Madness
Written by MrRandom287

With just a couple of days until Australia Day, we have some exciting events planned for this week! Let’s get into the post.








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Australia Day this year will have events spread over a few days. Tuesday, Skyblock will have an Australia Day warp area and Prison will have their normal event night. On Wednesday, Survival will have an Australia Day event at Bunnings! So get excited!!


Good news everyone, we’ve got some promotions to talk about! Firstly, Kuote has gotten a shiny new Mod+ rank whilst Hordern joins the team as a Trial Moderator!!

We are always on the hunt for new staff members for our moderating, event coordinator or builder teams, if you think you have something to offer why not put in an application via the website by clicking HERE

Join us every night at 8pm AEDT for our nightly events!

Check out this week's calendar for what games we will be playing.

Monday -

Pixelmon Event Night

Tuesday -

Prison Event Night

Wednesday -    

Australia Day Event on Survival

Thursday - 

Skyblock Event Night

Friday -

TNT Run on Survival

Saturday -

Skyblock Event Night

Sunday -

Prison Games Night

Congratulations to all this week's winners.

Come along to events and you could win yourself keys or tokens!

Pixelmon Tournaments

It's official every sunday night at 10pm AEDT there will be a Pixelmon Rental Tournament. For those of you who may not be aware this is a tournament that everybody can join, log grandma on if you can. You get a set of pokemon to pick from to build your team then you battle it out for glory. Do not be scared by the big bad pixelmon sweats. . . sweethearts either poshkid is living proof that anyone even an insane british chap can win. We would love to see you around as the tournaments are much more fun with plenty of friends.

OH AND DO NOT FORGET THE PRIZES!!! A personalised prize for the champion and a key for everyone when the tournament ends. You would have to hate a good time and free stuff to not show up?!?!?

Fruity Marriages

Wedding bells are ringing for this week’s happy couples!

































Want to marry that special someone?  Contact a staff member and they can help you on your way to wedded bliss.


Selfie of the Week

We love to see what you get up to during the week, so make sure you post a selfie to the forum thread before Sunday night to be in the running for a token. When you post your selfie be sure to mention which server you took the selfie on, and write a caption for it also.

Post your selfies HERE


✐ Build Competition ✎

Our build competitions are currently on a permanent hiatus due to a lack of participation! We hope they may return soon, but we will update you when we know more.

Hopefully you all have a good time on Australia Day and we’ll see you next time!!

~Galaxxy_, Bayleecraft, iGoner, MrRandom287 & _Ravioli!

End of Post.