Autumn's Arrival!
Written by RavynR

Welcome to the first week of March! Easter and the end of Daylight Savings is slowly approaching! As always, there's something crazy happening on the server, so let's get right into it!

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Players Joined: 2, 931

% of Monthly Goal: 172

% of Monthly Goal: 69

% of Monthly Goal: 60

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Server Announcements

Here are some Announcments from H1!

SkyWars - We are working to bring SkyWars back to skyblock. After its return the other week, there were a number of dupe glitches which unfortunately meant that we had to disable the plugin again. I will hopefully have an update this coming week for everyone. I'd really like to make it a core part of the Skyblock gameplay experience.

Staff Appreciation - We had Staff Appreciation Day last weekend and it was a massive success. I would like to thank all of the players who wrote thank you books to the staff, event-coordinators and builders. They were very much appreciated by everyone on the team. Without the staff, Fruit wouldn't be as amazing as it is!


Welcome to the first weekly of Autumn! There's been a fair few happenings on the server so let's get right into it!!!

Staff Updates

This week we welcomed 3 new T-Mods onto our Survival Team! Congratulations to _Trix0, kavazy and _Valkyrie101_ !

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Moderators, Builders and Event-Coordinators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link!


On Wednesday we put on our scuba suits and played some underwater Hide and Seek! The players were challenged to find the hidden staff fishies - The players who were victorious were; Nebula_, Enchies, xCuPcAkEaNaTeRx, Zsielous, chippy56, kassy500, ExpressoYourself, makukasaikori, Spedgley, TheWereBunny, Ashlea, Decoyy__, eaglestripe, therealkatiepie and  _Trix0!

On Friday we kept up with our aquatic theme and went Fishing! Players were challenged to catch the most fish within a time limit - Points were tallied up and in the end our winners were; __Bluey, Turkbo, Kangah, Off1ine, Enchies, Deccoy_, LifeOfBlu, ItzBezz and bupteddie!!!

The winner of this week’s wordsearch is Molkin_A!! Come check out /warp wordsearch for next week’s wordsearch and try to find the 10 Green Characters!












This week we are not doing a selfie of the week!

Instead it's a shoutout!

Shoutout to all the players who identify as women on the server! We love you all - Happy Womans Day!

Thanks kassy500 and chloeconda for organizing this great photo!


Heya skyblockers! Welcome back to another week in the sky!

That free bee kit is still available in our Skyblock Store! So, my aspiring bee-keepers, what are you waiting for! Check it out: >> <<

Staff Updates

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to one of our trial-mods, Mathew021. Thanks for all the great work you have done for the team!

Feel like you got what it takes to be a part of our Skyblock staff team? Are you a well-connected, active, social-butterfly? If so, feel free to apply at


We started off with a brand new event night - Thursday Night events!

First up for our events was Magical Chairs! The players who danced their way to victory this week were ImInABush, ItzBezz and Ryno785!

Then the staff team unleashed their wrath with Thunderdome! The players that survived were Xtalize, Reubs and ImInABush!

We then wrapped it up with an all time favourite: Bigno! Our lucky winners were Ryno785, Briarious, Q12X, 6_is_me, Reubs and Galaxxy_!

Saturday Events Night!

We started it off by playing Parkour Run! The lucky players who perfected their timing were Xtalize, Kuote, Jekkkk and EA_Gamers!

We then moved into a game of Sardines, with some very cheeky hiding spots! The speedy finders this week were EA_Gamers, Xtalize, 6_is_me, Simfony_, Briarious, Valdez_13, Eeveey, Benjabot_ and Bayleecraft!

To finish it off we brought out the favourite and played a few rounds of Bingo! Our winners this time were EA_Gamers, Briarious, chippy56, Ryno785, Bayleecraft, _Prepar3D_ and simfony_!

Remember! Skyblock hosts its two Games Nights on Thursday and Saturday, so be sure to come along at 8pm AEDT for your chance to win some cool prizes, such as event tokens!!!


Congrats to all our affectionate new lovers!











Selfie of the Week

“Taking turns to wow each other with piano performances on Sparkly_Island <3” - Congrats Sparkly_Bubble! Amazing selfie!

If you want a chance to win an event token, make sure to post your funny moments or any memorable screenshot at this link !


Hello and welcome to the Prison portion of the post!

FruitPrison has seen steady improvements so it's time to make way for some very important promotions. Today we see Rothy1975 pass his trial with flying colours becoming a fully fledged Moderator. Tunrida_Fenriz has transitioned into the Builder role as it's something he enjoys more. SkellyBG has worked his way up to Admin and Opalz now sits alongside Spledgley as Admin+. Lastly, BrockChoy got promoted to Mod+! Make sure you congratulate them all when you see them!

Our first event on Tuesday was Corners! Congrastulations to Its_Rothy, ItzBezz, hakunamatata0805 and H1N9!

Next up we played Spleef! Our winners were Its_Rothy, Opalz and Kuote!

On Sunday we started off by playing Bingo! Our winners were chloeconda, princesspoppy2, BrockChoy, Silver_Nightfall, Shakoda, V0rty, HeadAdmin, hakunamatata0805 and ExpressoYourself!

The second event we played was Spleef! Congrats to Shakoda, SkellyBG, Its_Rothy and Opalz!

Finally we played Hide and Seek! Our winners were _Ravioli, princesspoppy2, Bayleecraft, shakoda, Miss_Izz18, _Svyy, Xtalize and King_Ting!

Build Competition

Build Competitions have returned!!

This month's theme is Aquatic!

For more information we suggest you head to this forum thread!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post :D can't wait to see you all again soon

- Bayleecraft, MrRandom287 & Ravioli

End of Post.