Baby It's Warm Outside ~
Written by RavynR

Hey guys It’s Ravioli here with our first Christmas time weekly post! Theres so much to talk about and never enough time so lets get right into it!!

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CHRISTMASSS!!!! Incase you didn’t catch that, CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! I myself love Christmas and so do all of our Staff team so please be sure to check out /warp train to participate in all the fun activities happening there! You can also join our colouring in competition via this link!

Staff Updates

This week on Survival we had to say goodbye to the one and only Auzgoo, We wish him well with all his future endeavours and thank him for all the time he spent helping keep the community fruity! We also have had to say goodbye to the wonderfully artistic PaperCactus22, Thank you for everything you have done!

Although losing a mod is sad, we also have some happy news! Not only did we have the amazing abilities of Dusked_  join us on the Build Team, We also welcomed the wonderful Pixerative and Daashyy to the Survival team as T-Mods! Good luck on your trials guys!

Our Staff Team has grown this week, but we could always use some extra hands on deck! If you’re interested in applying for Moderator, Event-Coordinator (Hey, that’s me!), or as a Builder for Survival, follow this link!


Wowee! What a week of Christmasy Events we have had!

On Wednesday we had our Christmas Build Battle! Competitors were split into groups of four and given fifteen minutes to create something wonderful! The first theme was Santa’s Sleigh and our winning team consisted of; Dusked_, DanTheAussieMan, TwistOfFate1 and FanciestPotato!

In Round two we asked our teams to create a cute-as-a-button Elf House! Our winning team consisted of xXdedsecXx, Naatilly, Chapppo and Popstar_Poppy!

On Friday we went into the lower half of Santa’s Workshop and helped him assemble some AMAZING gingerbread houses in Prop Hunt! The winning hunters were; Chicken_Nuggies, PurpleZircon, AlexGPTB, eggs_on_t0ast and Alphorian!!


As of the time of this post going up our weekly minigames will have reset! Thank you to everyone who has participated already and we hope you enjoy the new challenges coming towards you!!

Out of every correct entry for each event we randomly drew a player to win a prize! Please contact Ahtnamas80 or demski when you see them next to recieve your prize!

Our Wordsearch winner of the week was _BlueFlame_

You better BELIEVE that IllusiveGamer found our mystery word.

And Naatilly put on her detective cap to win our Spot the Difference!

The entry for Secret Santa has now closed, and Amayonnaise will be messaging players their secret santa + the items they’ve asked for through the forums over the next day. You will have two weeks to throw together your gifts for your secret santa. Once your gifts are ready to go, contact one of the Event-Coordinators either on discord, on the forums, or by sending a /mail in game!

We would also like to remind everyone that you are NEVER too old to enter a colouring in competition so be sure to check out this link to download the wonderful art made for us by our very own Event-C’s PaperCactus22 and Amayonnaise!!

Selfie of the week

Amberisrad is correct in her caption, “It’s never too early.” Congratulations on your selfie of the week win!





Hey Guys! Welcome back to another skyblock weekly post, This week we have been super busy getting all out christmas events ready to play! We also have some new Christmas themed Token items available at /warp token!

Staff updates

Over the past couple of weeks not a lot has changed in our staff team, both D2xx and Mz_Tee were promoted to MOD!! Congrats Guys! We’re always looking for staff so If you feel like you have what it takes to join our skyblock staff team apply at


Starting off the week we played Corners! Winners were! MrRainbow234, RebornIV, MsLuna and GGAtMc

We played our first Brand New Christmas event Boatrace! The fastest boaters were! Godfreyyy, Gylfmeister, HermezLove, Choccy, Spleggetti And Atomic_Lancer

Ending our week we played some lightning fast rounds of Thunderdome!! Players who dodged the lightning are! LukasLukes, HermezLove, Alex_The_Kid, Illuumii and WillKatOD

Don’t forget to Post your selfies in Selfie of the week for a chance to win tokens!

>>Marriages of the week!<<

RebornIV ❤ Narmina

Chenx2 ❤ ColdDog_69

Zsdfs ❤ PurgatoryPanda

Pixerative ❤ JollyMama

Selfie of the week

HermezLove Styling at the northpole!


This week on Prison, our Builders and Staff have been working hard to bring Christmas into the prison yard! Word on the street is that a new custom boss fight is looming... I wonder who it could be?

The Prison Team is also keeping an eye out for anyone seeking to join the warden ranks, keeping those prisoners in line! If you want to join their staff team, be sure to submit an application!

Server Announcements

Build Competition

As 1.13.2 has caused issues for our Creative Server we will not be hosting a build comp this month due to the lack of World Edit. But don’t feel disheartened, keep practicing your building for our next Build Comp, or to try out for our fantastic Build Team!

Colouring in Competition!

For the holly jolly season we have a lovely Colouring in Competition for you to compete in!! Be sure to check it out here!!

Well that is everything for this week! Be sure to keep an eye out on the forums for anything new popping up and we hope to see you all online again soon!

<3 Ravioli

End of Post.