Bingo Recap!!
Written by gabri3lla

Hellooooo Fruity peoppplee it’s your favourite Meower.. Yes iMeoww here bringing you another amazing Event Recap !! Let’s hop right into things shall we.. we shall!! ~

Fruitastic Bingo ~

On Wednesday evening we saw the first.. Official Bingo Night hosted by none other than LoshSmoak! It was a very successful night and some amazing prizes were given out to some amazing people! Here are the winners of each round!

Round 1: ItsSquish

Round 2: PotassiumDOT

Round 3: EasterBee

Round 4: xLagoona

Round 5: DatBaccaGurl


Although it was a short one that concludes our Wednesday Night Event Recap!! I hope everyone had fun and is having a great day OR night wherever you’re from!!

iMeoww out ~

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