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Oh my! Is It That Time Again? I Guess it is! Hi Fruitsters :3


Hey there ladies and gentlemen! I'm so sorry this post is delayed I-i-i.. saw some fruit it looked real tasty... one thing lead to another..ANYWAY let's do this. It is I the magicial... the majestic... the charming... Jylon! (woohoo) so how is everyone? Good? That's great! then let's get ready for yet another word heavy post featuring squid-man-event-dude, also more words. Word.


  • Number of players since opening day: 12906!
  • Current monthly donation progress: 250%!
  • Current monthly top donator: PC_GAMER_2001

Friday’s Game

First of all thanks to ALL who participated in the event and a big thanks to the staff members who helped out! But anywho let's get onto what happened on Friday night, so I hope you all enjoyed that Hide'n'seek that we whipped up on that evening, and here are the winners!

RACE 1                                       RACE 2                                        RACE 3                                  RACE 4
1st  -    Crazyaidos                   1st  -  _AutumnMelon_             1st  -   Crazyaidos               1st  -  _AutumnMelon_
2nd -   MissAngelaM                2nd -  Crazyaidos                     2nd -   MissAngelaM            2nd - Crazyaidos
3rd  -    SilverKitty21                 3rd -   Coopa96                          3rd -   Crazyaidos                3rd - Crazyaidos
4rd  -    OzPing                           4th - _AutumnMelon_               4th -   Ozping                        4th - OzPing  

1st -   Coopa96
2nd -  Kooldude00
3rd -   Kooldude00
4th -   Ultrax7

Crazy cheats please report him he obviously cheats and hacks all time im gonna ban him on my terraria server lol got em bois.

Wowza! I don't know about about you guys and girls but I think these staff can't hide for poop >.> Anyway let's all have a round of applause for these winners (they obviously cheat) Woohoo! Once again thanks to all who participated and witnessed the great event with all of us the Fruit Staff Team! If you missed out on the event have no fear cause we do this every week and we have new events every week so join and you could win the best booties ever!

Make sure to check the event page during the week to stay updated with future games!


Website Changes

As you may or may not know, we have had some changes to the website, the first of which you'll see is on the home page and you can see some of your favourite staff members shopping, browsing the interwebs so much more!1!11!! Thanks to H1N9 the very attractive and might I say have you done something with your hair? AHEM sorry uh yeah let's all thank him when you see him lurk in the shadows on the server! Let's not forget our other staff members who helped in the process, AUZombie and ipoodalittle <3. They have created the following pages; Help, Support, Wki, Community and have redone a whole lot more, thanks to them I can write more about what fruits there are out in the world on the wiki :D

Keep it up Banana Team!


Speaking of the new wiki page let me try to give y'all the rundown of the new Wikipedia feature added to the website for new or old users to discover things about everything FruitServers related! Whether that be from squids to fruit to why AUZombie picks his nose.. i mean- Yeah! that's the wiki, in a matter of speaking anyway, and Im pretty sure everyone may make pages about themselves or what they do in their daily life, or start a fan group, just be sure to keep it PG We're Always Watching O.O


So as the month draws close we start to see some little lemons and apples look high into the blue sky to see those pesky staff members flying at mach 10 speed to catch all the baddies that lurk in the server, so you might be thinking to yourself, 'How do I apply?' Well I have the answer right here folks! At the end of every month, you have the option to submit an app on the forums for it to be looked at and read through very carefully, if worthy! then you'll move onto the next stage. BUT BE WARNED! Only those that can prove themselves to the Fruitlords shall be taken into our hands muahahaha...

Wedded Couples

Are you feeling a little lonely in that giant diamond house? Does your name not have a love heart next to it?
Then get married fool, for only $14.99 you can be loved again!!!1!!!1! Wanna be like that Goldsta who loves his wife dearly, of course you do love bird! Get in there and get yourself a minecrafter! With consent <3

Be sure to let us know if you got married recently! We'll put your name on here!


Build Competition

As I hope all of you would know, this month’s build competitions theme is….. Pixel Art! This month we want to see as many entries as we can! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be the best builder in the world, just give it a go and you might even surprise yourself! The month is almost over D: so you'd better get those builds finished and them submitted on this post, before it's too late!!!

Some inspiration~

Try to think outside the box or cardboard box or even the game minecraft! I'm sure all of you have the guts and possibly brains to do something that no-one has ever done before, I believe in you little Fruitlet, I believe in you.


1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money

2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money

3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.

- How to post your entry:

To post your competition entry, simply create a warp and post it in the comments section of this post, or write the co-ordinates. Good luck to you!

Meme of the week

Screenshot of the week


Coopa96 and his shaders

Looks like that brings us to the end of the post! What an adventure we had and boy was it a long one! Until next time, Jylon aawwwWWWAAAYYYY~~~

End of Post.