Bloo's Build Battle Event
Written by ipoodalittle

Hello everyone!

So this week's schedueled event is, like the title, Bloo's Build Battle!

So when the time of the exciting new event comes, players will be given the warp. This is a team event. So prizes will be distributed to the winning teams.

How to play:

Players are placed into a small cubicle by staff, so your teams will be randomized. To evaluate you later on, it would be best if you came up with a team name (keep it clean though). There they are given a theme or relevent word. Then, together as a team they must build something that matches the word or theme within 20 minutes.

For example: The theme is "Fruit". Users will then try to build something that is part of that theme like, a pear.

After the round is done, users will be linked to an online survey. They can fly around and vote for other users, however they are not to vote for themselves.

The staff will be flying around to ensure that no one is flying up and looking at other peoples builds during the time period. Should you be caught cheating you will be disqualified.

End of Post.