Changing Themes!
Written by Meloonnn

Hip-hop hoorrayy!!! How’s everyone’s week been, I don’t know about you but I’m super excited to be bringing you all yet another juicy weekly post to fill all you Fruitsters in on all the juicy xoxoGOSSIPgikda from the week that has been. So as usual, it’s MiniMelon here! Hope you enjoy the read and lets get into things, Shall we? ~ We Shall!

The Rundown


Number of Players Joined: 6879

Currently 493% of the Monthly goal!

Current Top Donator: VolcGames


Number of Players Joined: 5487

Currently 150% of the Monthly goal!

Current Top Donator: Bloo

Beyond the Bowl

This week we had two promotions on skyblock! We happily saw Nousey and flapnat645 be promoted to T-Mod the other night and boy oh boy we cant wait to see them helping around the fruity islands! Feel free to ask them anything.. again they dont bite!


On the 22nd of June we had a very special and exciting event hosted by the one and only Malzi! Lets here what he had to say about the special occasion. 'Ello 'Ello, Malzi Here letting you know that we had an amazing drop party during the week! It was a real blast with some awesome loot being dropped, from diamonds to not just one, but TWO Elytra’s! The party was organized to celebrate you guys, the players :D It was hosted in my town, Altoria! If you're interested in dropping by feel free to visit anytime at /warp Altoria!

Make sure we give a huge thank you to Malzi!

Following up that amazing drop party, on the 24th of June we had yet another fruity Skyblock event! This time we re-used our Mario rainbow obstacle course track! Built by the one and only Aphroditie, and she did an amazing job with the build! A huge thank you to; Bloo, Aphroditie & Dusty_Tornado for helping me run the night, now lets hear some results!

Round One:              Round Two:                        Round Three:

First: Briezyy               First: Sleapy                       First: flapnap564

Second: Lagoonaa      Second: sach0100              Second: SirNebula

Third: Jussstin             Third: KawaiiiBunny_          Third: Matea78

Build Comp

This month’s build comp theme is Transport/Movement and will be held in the Creative World.

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th June

- Players must work individually

- Build must follow theme of the month

- Build must be completed in creative world

- Only one entry per individual

Notable Weddings

This week on fruit we saw some lovely little fruits tie the knot with their loved ones!


<3 GekoGirl + ALegendsTale <3


<3 Fashion_Chaps + Strauny <3


<3 Cahms + Bean_ <3

<3 VolcGames + PPG4LIFE <3

<3 Eaglestar_ + Ninfruitja <3

<3 NFK_Hunter + littlelizzie <3

<3 RapidFirez + JusPanda <3

<3 0Ghostpants0 + Warpzee <3

<3 Jylololon + AshleySx <3

That’s a rap

Well would you look at that, there goes another weekly post! Bye bye!! The next post you will be seeing is the monthly post! I can’t wait to see what has happened this month and I’m sure you all are just as excited as me!! Hope you enjoyed the read; don’t forget to comment below all your feedback, as I love to read it! Have a good night wherever you’re from! But wait... It wouldn’t be a post without the meme of the week and screenshots of the week? Lets get into it~!

Screenshots of the Week

Survival: ‘Front row seat for Goldsta! As MiniMelon married little_lizzie & NFK_HUNTER! Aren’t they cute together? – Photo Credit to Ahtnamas80 -

Skyblock: ‘What a lovely of these two very well known Fruitsters! Aphroditie and KawaiiiBunny_ took this selfie together! - Photo Credit to Kawaiii_Bunny –

Meme of the Week

In courtesy of MiniMelon, Goldsta, EstherBunny, SparkleyFlopcorn & Lagoonaa. #GikTwelvie #GoalSquad2k16

~ MiniMelon

End of Post.