Christmas on the Rise!
Written by RavynR

Whats up guys!? Amayo and Ravioli are back at it again with another weekly post detailing the ins, outs, ups, and downs of Fruit Town! Let’s get roight… into the news!

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This will be our last weekly post for the glorious pre-christmas month of November, and we’re just shaking in our boots for what we’ve got planned for you all! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the forums for any announcements for December!

Staff Updates

This week on Survival, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Kairinezz as she parted ways with the Staff Team… We wish her all the best in the future, and hope she has a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

However, we’re also thrilled to welcome SouthernMama717 and Scottteh onto the team as a full member of the Mod Squad! We also had the promotion of the wonderful DiamondMaster98 to Mod+ ! We have no doubts that they will all be fantastic members of our team, as they've certainly proven themselves!

Our Staff Team has not grown this week, but we could always use some extra hands on deck! If you’re interested in applying for Moderator, Event-Coordinator (Hey, that’s me!), or as a Builder for Survival, follow this link!


Our Events were much more action-packed this week, starting with the classic Spleef! Competitors went digging through the slippery slime, and even used some dirty fist-fighting tactics to throw each other into the lava below! Our winners were Coggo, FanciestPotato, Riikuu_, diamondboy98, LifeOfBlu, HarleQuin675, derppymario, Ellqn, and DiamondFairy22!

On Friday, we went back to the arena for an electrifying night of pure thunderrific action! Players zipped, zoomed, and ducked under whatever cover they could find to hide from the onslaught of lightning smiting them from the sky! Our survivors were LifeOfBlu, xXdedsecXx, Coggo, iGoner, amberrx, LeshyFae, NaaTilly, Sleepy_Ninja and ExpressoYourself.

Selfie of the week

Looks like Ravioli and Amayo have competitors for the cutest-couple-competition! This adorable duo is all set up for Christmas already! Lovely to see you girls xx















Hello Fruitloops, Busy week so no talking about random stuff and get this post on a roll!

Staff updates

This week, we had 2 new trial mods joining our team with one of them making a return! congratulations D2xx and Mz_Tee! If you feel like you have what it takes to be a Skyblock staff member try your luck in applying!


Starting the amazing week with BINGO!!!!! Lucky Bingo winners are D2xx, Skerny, Bayleecraft, and Mz_Tee!

We played some King of the Hill!! The winners of the night were! D2xx, Godfreyyy, Haratsuni, and HermezLove!

What's that I hear? Another bingo event? Wow, Winners were Duh_harro, CalvinIsACupcake, Namchi, Atomic_Lancer, and HermezLove!

And finally, For the last event of the week, we played 3 VERY long rounds. That's right 3 rounds that lasted an entire HOUR. The dancers were ChoccyLatte, MerezLove, musicman2602, Bayleecraft, Yamertx, Joodicate, and RebornIV!

Don’t forget to Post your selfies in Selfie of the week for a chance to win tokens!

>>Marriages of the week!<<

No marriages this week D: its okay, maybe next week </3

Selfie of the week

Someone getting ready for Christmas!

Preparing for Christmas!


This week on Prison, our Builders and Staff have been working hard to bring Christmas into the prison yard! The Loot Chests have been decorated along with Spawn, and there may even be a fancy surprise popping into the air in the nearby future..

You can also now fish, and SELL your fish at either the Market on Planet 1, or the black market found on every other planet! What an awesome new way to make money!

The Prison Team is also keeping an eye out for anyone seeking to join the warden ranks, keeping those prisoners in line! If you want to join their staff team, be sure to submit an application!

Server Announcements

Build Competition

As 1.13.2 has caused issues for our Creative Server we will not be hosting a build comp this month due to the lack of World Edit. But don’t feel disheartened, keep practicing your building for our next Build Comp, or to try out for our fantastic Build Team!

That just about brings our week to a close! Amayo and Ravioli here, wishing you all the best for the rest of November, and for the upcoming Christmas Month! <3

End of Post.