Chunky Hoppers
Written by H1N9

Welcome back to another Fruitypost!

Aht's Annihilation Arena

Congratulations to MITCHELLLL for emerging victorious in todays tournament, securing the prestigious title of PVP Champion! Following closely behind, Mystic_Hawk claimed the second spot, while Ducky showcased impressive skills to secure third place. The battlefield was fierce, with players demonstrating exceptional combat prowess. But the excitement doesn't end here! We're thrilled to announce that another thrilling tournament is set to take place next Sunday at 3 pm. To make it even more exciting, we're opening the floor for player input. In the coming week, share your thoughts and ideas for the duels kit in the next tournament on our Discord forum. Your input could shape the battlegrounds for the next epic showdown! Gear up and get ready for another round of intense competition. See you on the battlefield!


Pixelmon has been updated to version 9.1.9! This introduces a range of new Pokemon, some much desired bug fixes, and various other changes. You can view the full changelog here:
You can easily update to the new version through the official FruitServers modpack on Technic! If you haven’t checked it out, here’s how you can:


Skyblock’s spawn has received a makeover, introducing some of the popular cherry blossom trees, and some general tidying up with the help of the very talented ExpressYourself. Be sure to thank her!

At the start of the reset, Skyblock promised Chunk Hoppers, only for them to break on day 1 (classic!), but this has now been fixed and you can all enjoy this powerful feature! Since this is very new territory for Skyblock, if you have any feedback or run into any bugs, please let staff know or navigate to the appropriate channels on Discord.

We also have brand new token tools thanks to Gylfmeisters handy craftswomanship! You can view the full set in-game at /warp token! If you have any requests, or feedback about token items - be sure to let Gylf know.

We hope you are all enjoying this fresh Skyblock map!

★ Survival ★
This week we bid farewell to Stonk, we wish Stonk all the best with their future endeavors and will see Stonk as a player around the Fruitbowl. We welcome ZakXXXX and vipersmiles to our staff team, congratulations on T-Mod, and we welcome a new builder to the staffing team Whaleboy_14

★ Prison ★
xLaZx has Stepped down from the Prison Team this week and we are sad to see him go! Laz contributed to many projects on prison from the old style to the new! We thank you for all your help and wish you all the best with your future endeavors! Best of Luck xLaZx

★ Pixelmon ★
We bid farewell to Rav. Thank you Rav for all the laughs on Survival as an Event C and then joining us on Pixelmon as an Event C and a Mod +. We wish you the best for your future endeavors.

We are always on the hunt for new staff members for our moderating, event coordinator or builder teams, if you think you have something to offer why not put in an application via the discord by clicking HERE

Join us every night at 8pm AEST for our nightly events!

Please note: Events are now using Australian Eastern Standard Time. Depending on your state/country the events might be an hour later for you!

Check out this week's calendar for what games we will be playing.

Monday -

Paint Run + Corners on Pixelmon

Tuesday -

Build It + Subway Surfers on Prison

Wednesday -

Corners + Triathlon on Survival

Thursday - 

Craft It on Skyblock

Friday -

Beacon Rush on Survival

Saturday -

Corners on Skyblock

Sunday -

The Whole 75 Blocks + Grid Runners on Prison

Congratulations to all this week's winners.

Come along to events and you could win yourself keys or tokens!

The winners of our weekly tournaments are awarded with Shiny Token of their choice! Why not come give it a shot and see how you go!


Wedding bells are ringing for this week’s happy couples!











Want to marry that special someone?

Contact a staff member and they can help you on your way to wedded bliss!


Selfie of the Week

We love to see what you get up to during the week, so make sure you post a selfie to the forum thread before Sunday night to be in the running for a prize. When you post your selfie be sure to mention which server you took the selfie on, and write a caption for it also.

Post your selfies HERE

Thank you all for the support across the Fruitbowl. Stay safe and drink plenty of water!

From Memmie_ and the Event C Team

End of Post.