Colour Update!
Written by Zozua

Hello Fruitsters!! Can you believe it's already been a week since the last post! In that time we have a new minecraft update :o So many colours! :D

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Beyond the Bowl

No staff changes this week, but we have still have something to put here!

A very colourful Minecraft update has arrived! As per usual this means lots of things have broken and that Geek and myself are working hard to fix and replace old / broken plugins. A number of things like AuctionHouse might not update for a while so please be patient!

This week we will be introducing a new pets plugin which will have less features than the old one. It is however, (unlike the old one) actively updated meaning over the long term there will be more features.

Unfortunately, as a result of all of this patching, it has delayed several new things for survival and creative. Don't worry though! The parrot disguise will be dropping this week and there might be two other cool new perks as well.


Remember if you feel like you have the chance and time to give us a hand on the staff team you can go to the Staff section on the fruit page to apply for Builder, Event-C or Mod!


Lets start with Survival's events!

On Wednesday we kicked off with Musical Chairs! I couldn't beleive how people this event was! We nearly had a full house every round. It was great to see so many people joining in and having fun. Wasn't it so smoothing to listen to the music as you would dance around. I had a great time hosting with Spike_M. Also thankyou to Matea78 & Ahtnamas80 & Demski for hosting the last round so I could join in <3.

Congratulations to the winners:

Round 1: PTownNoob

Round 2: baileycolin

Round 3: Craylof

On Friday we had Hide & Seek at spawn! Thanks to the new update the staff disgused as parrots! Someone even went aound and named dummy parrots with staff names! I found at least 5 Goldsta's scattered around the place, still couldn't find him :D

Well done to the players to who found the staff:

SilverDeviluke /  darkkronz / tbnrbobby

Ahtnamas80 / MyHeroesNeverDie / tbnrbobby

SparkleyFlopcorn / Darkkronz / Lagoona

Goldsta / Darkkronz / Penguinlover_

Matea78 / kirara_ / TBNRBobby

Demski / kirara_ / penguinlover_

NggSoulStopper / Razdog789359 / Myheroesneverdie

Skyblock is up next with their events of the week! So many events spread across two servers!

Thursday was Trivia night! I'm sure some of those questions would have been a challenge. I hope no question went unanswered!

Well done to these players for winning:

Round 1: lilshortyrae

Round 2: spiderpoison646

Round 3: Timahh13

Round 4: spiderpoison646

Round 5: lilshortyrae

Next up we had Sky Wars! That must of been some intense gameplay! Wish I was there to witness the rivallry between everyone. Congratulations to the challangers:

Round 1: lilshortyrae

Round 2: lilshortyrae

Round 3: BLUTAIL

Notable Weddings



Mr_Nath lilshortyrae
itssquish Andrewx_


Geekxboy Santario
WittyQuipHere Spike_M

The theme for June's build competition is Steampunk! This is a somewhat complex theme that has been thrown around for a while now. Steampunk can be described as - "a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology." This theme will require players to come up with unique ideas and hopefully spend weeks working on their project. We expect to see great things!

Competition Rules
- Build must be finished by 30th June.
- Players are restricted to working individually.
- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.
- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.
- Only one entry per individual.
- No pixel art!
- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.
- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!
- Minimum 5 entries. There will be no winners announced if we don't get at least 5 entries!
- Builds need to be started and completed within the same month. You cannot use assets from previous entries.


End of Post.