Written by SirEraze

Finally, Crates are here!Today, i am proud to announce, that with the help of everyone on the staff team, we have finally delivered quite a big update that we have been working on for some time now. The idea for this crate system came around a long time ago, however our main set back was the fact that it needed to be custom made. With the help of our new Developer Rickydaan, it is here!

Before i begin, i would like to give credit where credit is due. Ricky has been working hard at this plugin for some time now, and without him, it wouldn't be here. So make sure you give him a thanks when you see him online next!

About Crates:
What are these crates, you may be asking? Well, crates is a system that we will be using mainly for voting. The main purpose of this is to get people excited about voting, and reward them with amazing things that you cant get elsewhere. Crates will be seen in the form of a chest, and you will need to obtain a Crate Key in order to unlock your prize. Crates can be found at /warp crates

Types of Crates:
There are currently three types of crates, each one is harder to obtain a key for, and the prizes get better as you go along. The Crates are as follows:
Vote Crate - To get a Vote Crate key, you simply need to vote on all three voting sites. You can do this by using /vote in-game, or seeing the voting page on the website.

VoteParty Crate - To get a VoteParty key, you need to be a part of a VoteParty. VoteParties occur every 60 votes on the server. If you are one of those 60 voters, you will get a VoteParty key when the number is reached.

Fruitsters Crate - This is the rarest Key, and can only be obtained through the other Crates. For example, there is a very low chance that you will get a Fruitsters key when opening a Vote Crate. This Crate is full of very exciting items.

That's it for this update everyone, and i hope that explained it all. We also hope that you enjoy these features, and appreciate them as much as we do. So what are you waiting for? Go get voting!
See you all in-game! Kind regards,
The FruitSurvival Team.

End of Post.