Written by SirEraze

Hello everyone! Nice to see you all again.
I'm here today to announce the official opening of the Creative world, on the survival server. This feature has been awaited for a long time, and in this post i will be explaining what the World is here for, and how to use it.Firstly, this world if for Members +. Guests will be able to access the world, however they will not be able to use it and its features.What is it:The creative world is a free roam plot world, where players can easily go to test builds, or just build in creative with your friends. The plot system is fully automated, and should be easy for all players to use.
How to get there:
To get to the creative world, simply use /warp creative, and walk through the portal. Beside the portal there will be some commands, and information about the world.

Some questions:
1. How many plots can i have?
At the moment, everyone is limited to one plot.

2. How big are the plots?
The plots are 150x150 blocks, this is plenty of room.

3. Can people grief my plot?
No, plots are protected unless you add people.

/p auto
- Automatically claim an available plot

/p claim
- Claim the plot you are standing on

/p h
- Go to your home plot

/p h (player)
- Go to another Players plot

/p info
- Gives information on the plot you are standing on

/p biome
- Gives a list of biomes that can be used for the command below

/p biome (biome)- Change the biome of your plot

/p clear
- Clear your plot and all its contents

/p deny (player)
- Deny a player from accessing your plot

/p undeny (player)
- Undeny a player, so they can access your plot again

/p add (player)
- Allow a player to have full access to your plot

-p remove (player)
- Remove a players access to building on your plot

That's it for today folks! Hope you enjoy this long awaited treat, and make cure you contact a Staff member if you have any further questions.


End of Post.