Creepers Crawling Carefully
Written by Ron

Hiya! A bit of a short post this week, enjoy!

      ❀ Survival  


      ✿ Skyblock  


      ❀ Prison  


     ✿ Pixelmon  

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Economy changes on Survival

One of the harder parts of a server is keeping the economy balanced, this is something we have been struggling with for a while now. A big issue has been profit shops, warps where players can get valuable items like iron in large amounts for little or no cost, and sell them at /warp shop for profit. These sort of shops destroy the economy, and results in players losing interest as there is no reason to work towards any goals. To improve this, we will be implementing a new rule, players can only sell items for at most 10% cheaper then they can be sold to /warp shop. So at /warp shop iron is $1.00 per ingot, this means the cheapest any player shop can sell iron for is $0.90. This will still give players a chance to be competitive and cheaper then warp shop, while not removing the value of items completely. We will not be issuing warnings for now over this rule, while people get used to the new system, but you will be asked to adjust your store prices. This has been a hard decision to make, and we hope you understand we feel it is the best way to improve the server experience for all without taking anything away from the community. If you have any questions please feel free to message or mail me in game, or on the website. Ahtnamas80

No staff updates this week!

We are always on the hunt for new staff members for our moderating, event coordinator or builder teams, if you think you have something to offer why not put in an application via the website by clicking HERE

Check out this week's calendar for what games we will be playing.

Monday - 

Pixelmon Event Night 

Tuesday - 

Pixelmon Event Night 

Wednesday - 

Triathlon Survival 

Thursday -  

Skyblock Event Night 

Friday - 

Beacon Rush on Survival 

Saturday - 

Skyblock Event Night 

Sunday - 

Skyblock Event Night 

Congratulations to all this week's winners.

Come along to events and you could win yourself keys or tokens!


Wedding bells are ringing for this week’s happy couples!


3arcsamurai     ❤       DoctorEB1  Dreado    ❤       FruitFrey
JUMBLO    ❤       Blackflame36
SmolJess    ❤       FruitGuard

Want to marry that special someone?

Contact a staff member and they can help you on your way to wedded bliss.


Selfie of the Week

We love to see what you get up to during the week, so make sure you post a selfie to the forum thread before Sunday night to be in the running for a token. When you post your selfie be sure to mention which server you took the selfie on, and write a caption for it also.

Post your selfies HERE

That's it for this week, stick around for next weeks fruitalicious news!

~ Ron & The Event Team ~

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