Cupid's Arrow is in Range
Written by ImpatientWalrus

Hello fellow fruitsters!!! Its me ImpatientWalrus doing my first recap of the week, filling you full of the fruitbowl news we all know and love! So much has happened this week, especially with Valentine's day right around the corner!

The Rundown!

Survival                                                                               Skyblock

Number of players joined: 6,345!                                          Number of players joined: 5,674

Currently 181% of the monthly goal!!!!                                  Currently 35% of the monthly goal!!!!

Current top donator: robotninjamonkey                                 Current top donator: Lusions

Love is in the air people!

As this week is Valentine's week the staff has put a very special something right in the middle of spawn, for all those love birds to hang out by. Here you can find some special crates to get some very special items. As well as this you can find the god of love himself….. Cupid!!! Where if you give him some special recipes, found on the forums, you can not only receive some more special items, but points. The person with the most points by the 19th of Feburary receives a Razor BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard! So get gathering my friends, if you want that keyboard.

News within the bowl!

This week we had some major changes to the staff list. To start with on the Skyblock server we welcome two amazing players to the trial-moderator list, congratulations to Enzine and WittyQuipHere. I’m sure they will make amazing contributions to the team and i can’t wait to see them further on. As for Sruvival news we say hello to three new amazing contributions to the staff team (One more than the others), two of which joined the trial-moderator group, and one the event coordinator group! Congratulations to greekfreak43 and Reeke as the new trial-moderators and ImpatientWalrus as event coordinator. On a sadder note, we say good bye to PotassiumDot, a fellow  moderator on survival, he has resigned to focus more of his time on his final year at school, and we wish him the best of luck and hope he comes in frequently to say Hello.

Don’t forget guys, if you love the server so much and you want to do what ever you can to make it grow, remember we have applications on the website if you think you have what it takes to step into the ring of the staff members! We are always looking for more Builders, Event Coordinators and Moderators, so why not head over to if you think you have what its got!

News within the skyblock fruit!

As the new Event Coordinator I am fully aware that the more love needs to be given to the skyblock community. So I am going to team up with Aphroditie and the staff on the server to try and through a few random events when ever we can. These events will not be planned, so keep logging on to the server and you sure aren't to miss one. If you have any suggestions Skyblockians, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message, whether it’s on the server or whatever! The more events you have, the more fun you have!

News for that creative fruit!

So guys the creative server has been given a great turn out so far since we opened it, the builds are looking amazing!!! Not much has happened this week, the one thing that we have to stress though is for those that bought plots while creative was in the survival server, don’t forget to post it on the announcement forums to redeem those plots!


This week we had some amazing events happen! The first of which was a fight to the death in an amazing Free For All. In this event we had 5 rounds, and then one final round of those that dominated and won previous rounds.

Round 1 Winner: DustyGameingMC

Round 2 Winner: H0tb0x

Rounder 3 Winner: PotassiumDot

Round 4 Winner: Briezyy

Round 5 Winner: Mercuriial_

Grand Champion: Briezzy

On Friday we then had another event, which was Hide and Seek. Lots of people joined in and im sure the staff had a lot of fun as well! After five rounds of find the chicken the winners were;

Round 1:                                                                     Round 3:

• Mad_master                                                                              • NicReidy

• MrOwlAus                                                                                 • AliWali

• Idealise                                                                                     • Le_Commandant

• MrOwlAus (again)                                                                     • AliWali(again)

• Mr_Horizon                                                                               • Mr_Horizon

• Mercuriial_                                                                                • Le_Commandant (again)

• Lagoona

Round 2:                                                                       Round 4:

• Hokagay                                                                                   • Mad_master

• AliWali                                                                                        • Hokagay

• Idealise                                                                                       • Silverdeviluke

• BaccaisTupac                                                                             • Mr_Horizon

• Mr_Horizon                                                                                • Mad_master (again)

• NicReidy

• Hokagay

Build Competition

The theme for February will be Valentines! A fitting theme for the month of love. All entries are to be done in the new Creative Server. As you all now have basic world edit access, we expect to see some truly amazing entries! Vouchers earned from competitions held in the Creative server will not count towards your donation total.

Competition Rules

- There must be a minimum of fice entries or there will be no winners for the month.

- Build must be finished by 28th February.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed in the Creative Server.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you have to use it.

- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are entering the competition, please find the competition on the forums and post you IGN and your plot coordinates!!!!!! Or else you will not be entered into the competition.

Noteable Weddings


• Brilashy + Raukami

• Jin94 + Axll90

• Whoooo29 + Bamkai101


• Alexaj13663 + Coolcats9

That’s all folks!

I do hope you guys enjoyed the weekly recap this week, but sadly that is all for now. I do hope to see you in the FruitBowl whether its on Survival, Skyblock or Creative, and I hope you all have a great Valentine’s day!


End of Post.