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Written by LadyAmayo

HOWS it going guys!? Amayonnaise here coming back at you with November’s first weekly post! We’ve had an eventful week so far, so let’s get straight into it!




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Wowee, this week we had quite a bit of fun with everyone dressing up in their halloween costumes to spread some laughs and scare the pants off other players! We also held three events to celebrate Halloween this week, so let’s detail the fun that was had!

On the 29th, we held two Skin Contests, one with players dressing up in funny costumes, and the other with spooky, scary costumes! Our  winners for this event were:

Funny: 3rd - spleggeti & skerny, 2nd - OlAngryBurger, 1st - loosecannon

Spooky: 3rd - Rysci, 2nd - Jaecobe, 1st - Off1ine

On the 31st, to celebrate All Hallows Eve, our players bundled together and readied their legs to race through the Herobrine Trials! The race was long, the obstacles difficult, and many got lost within the maze finale.. But five emerged victorious!

Our champions were: 5th - Riikuu_, 4th - lovenotes, 3rd - Crimpy, 2nd - Ethreal7, and…

1st - ExpressoYourself!

To finish off our spooky week, we held a final event on Friday 2nd! Six players lined up at the end of six archery lanes, readied their bows, and fired away for Pumpkin Archery! Some of our players were extremely quick, their aim absolutely outstanding, so the night was super challenging!

But in the end, we had seven amazing archers, Headlouse, Jaecobe, Vesppe, Spleggeti, afrorunner, Madaam, and Rysci!

Oh but WAIT! On Sunday night, we surprised everyone with a quick pop-up bingo event! The lucky winners of our famous bingo, bango, bongo were…

NGGSoulStopper, TheDarkOfLight, and Flasssshhhhhh!

We’re back to normal events for now, every Wednesday and Friday at 8pm AEDST! Hope to see you all there!

Staff Updates

We’ve had quite a bit of movement this week amongst our staff team, so let’s see what’s been going on!

RohDawg has been promoted from Admin to Admin+

BlancheSoul and Makeshift_Demon have become fully-fledged members of the ModSquad!

SouthernMama717 is the new T-Mod on scene, so watch out!

Don’t be afraid to try out for our staff team by applying on the forums! We’re always keen on new members joining the ranks!

Halloween Crafting

Don’t fret fellows, the Halloween Crafting is still on for a little while more! Spookeys can be purchased from the survival store and gives players a chance to win some rare ingredients to use to craft some unique recipes for the witch! BUT be careful not to stockpile items as the witch may change her mind and request different recipes. To check out the current recipes, head over to our forums!

Halloween Special Items

Survival, Skyblock and Prison have got some great special items in the store! Prison has two awesome cosmetic hats for sale!

Selfie of the week

Cowskin has won our Selfie of the Week, showing off his super spooky, scary, skelly-shades alongside his turtle buddy! (Check out that boney shell!)


BunnyLuvy ❤ MelvinDou

Skyerade ❤ Doctor_Smite


Hello everyone! Gizalien here witching you a happy Fruit-o-ween from skyblock ! As halloween is coming to an end, we’ve had many fun events and spooktacular times! Here's what's been happening this week!

Staff updates

There are no staff updates this week! We’re always looking for staff so If you’re interested in joining the skyblock staff try your luck in applying!


As we have many new halloween events for you all, this is an opportunity to get more event tokens! Don't forget to check out /warp token for awesome Harry Potter themed token items!

Starting the week off a franken-tastic game of bingo! Our lucky winners this week were:

Joodicate, HazDogg and Mmaster12345.

The victors of KOTH this week were:

Round 1: Mmaster1234 & footylover4life

Round 2: Silverfall11 & AnAlphaLonzy

Round 3: Mmaster12345 & Silverfall11

Round 4: D2xx & Gizalien

Final Round: Gylfmeister & Joodicate

A deadly round of the new Mob Arena saw players fighting for their lives!

Our top survivors where:

1st Round: 3rd d2xx, 2nd spleggeti, 1st  Mmaster12345

2nd round: 3rd hazdog, 2nd naneek_mot,  1st d2xx

3rd round: 3rd mmaster12345, 2nd Spookyenoughk, 1st Silverfall11

Last round: 3rd Spleggeti, 2nd D2xx, 1st Euporiella

Saturday night’s Thunderdome was electrifying! The winners were:

PurpleZircon and D2xx

seth_337 and HazDogg

PapaDwightMan and seth_337

AnAlphaLonzy and D2xx

Gizalien and Lagoonaa

>>Marriages of the week!<<

Spleggeti ❤ gizalien

Monkeyboils ❤ bubbles

Selfie of the week goes out to Choccy!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on skyblock for a fantastic week! Wishing you a week full of frights and a bag full of delights!


This week on Prison, we had an absolutely thrilling first event night ever! On Saturday, November 3rd, players spilled onto the scene to participate in Prison Bingo, Halloween-themed! We had six rounds, with a whole pile of winners! Here they are:

Round 1 - zsdfs

Round 2 - TheDarkOfLight

Round 3 - Vesppe

Round 4 - PurgatoryPanda

Round 5 - Andrewx_

Round 6 - Godfreyyy, SpoopyPtown, and Lagoonaa!

But hold onto your pants folks.. It appears that there might be a few more events on the horizon! Keep an eye and ear out, because who knows when another event is going to spring out of the cell on Prison?

The Prison Team is also keeping an eye out for anyone seeking to join the warden ranks, keeping those prisoners in line! If you want to join their staff team, be sure to submit an application!

Server Announcements!

Build Competition

As 1.13.2 has caused issues for our Creative Server we will not be hosting a build comp this month due to the lack of World Edit. But don’t feel disheartened, keep practicing your building for our next Build Comp, or to try out for our fantastic Build Team!

End of Post.