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Ho' Ho hey there! Welcome to another spectacular installment of your favourite juicy sip of Orange and Mango Elixir, the Event Post!


Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 16208
  • Current monthly donation progress: 251%!
  • Current monthly top donator: Tialis22

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 1094
  • Current monthly donation progress: 12%!
  • Current monthly top donator: Cahms



An exciting week within staff relations this week, in that we have seen the glorious return of our fantastic moderator Bloo. Bloo served as one of Fruit’s most prestigious moderators from this year’s April until early August. It is an honour to have our friendly, always-smiling moderator back on the team.

Make sure to wish Bloo a warm welcome back when you see him around!

This week has seen our first induction of a Skyblock staff member, trial moderator iiTzThatAsian! Please do your best to make iiTzThatAsian feel welcome around the community, he will surely be an efficacious help to your Skyblock needs.

Christmas specials

Deck the hall with fre-ee kii-ts, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Oh hey there! You heard right! Starting on the 15th (Tuesday!), the server stores will see a fruity threshold of free kits and donator freebies, filled with goods and shinies just waiting to be used.

Goodies like these only come around once a year, don’t miss out!

1000 Fruitsters on Skyblock

What an achievement, in the short period of time Skyblock has been officially released, the Skyblock community has now reached 1000 visitors. Despite the fruity merit of this notable procurement, we strongly believe this is one small step towards a bigger, more monumental Skyblock community.

We should all be proud of attesting such a milestone. Literally, this is not possible without you cheeky fruit loving peoples.

Fruitservers Birthday

Fruit Servers is officially one year old as of the 20th!!! This Sunday, we will be celebrating with a Fruit Bowl full of Juicy Events, including:

  • TNT run
  • Spleef
  • Musical chairs
  • Drop/EXP parties
  • Key giveaways

This is a huge milestone for the Fruit Servers community, a year of thriving and fresh fruity goodness is something everyone should be proud of.

Be there or be square!

Staff Applications

As many of you fruity folk are aware, our staff applications have taken a new turn! Applications will now be open until the end of the month, and we are now targeting Skyblock exclusive staff members.

These staff members will serve only on the Skyblock server, where they will assist all fruitloops in their sky-high doings.

Applications are also open to those interested in moderating exclusively to survival, however of less demand.

Accompanying this, event-manager and builder applications will remain open to the public for the remainder of the month.


Courtesy of our very own lovely Community-Manager Gamerbabe, you Fruitsters will be able to clear out your schedules to make room for the juicy barrage of events coming your way these Summer Holidays. For the remainder of the year, events will no longer be exclusive to Friday nights, however will be held on various days throughout the week.


Reindeer Racing Event

Two events in one week, what a way to celebrate the Christmas festivity! This evening at 8pm (14/12) Reindeer Racing will be held as our first event of the week.

Get down there tonight for some festive, fruity fun!

Skywars Event

This Friday, the 18th, Skywars will be held as our usual fruit-filled event. Skywars will be held on our Skyblock server. To get there, see /server hub in-game.

Like always, be there or be square!

Build Competition

This month’s build competition theme is Christmas! In celebration of this festive fruity occasion, we encourage you Fruitheads to involve yourself in this time of candy canes and gift wrapping, by submitting your best attempts at a christmas themed build in the survival world!

This build competition will be held in the survival world

Competition Rules

  • Build must be finished by 30th December.
  • Players MUST work individually.
  • Build must follow the theme of the month.
  • Build must be completed in the survival world.
  • Only one entry per user.


1st Place: $20 store voucher.

2nd Place: $15 store voucher.

3rd Place: $10 store voucher.

How to post your Entry

To enter this month's competition, please leave a comment with a warp to your build under the 'December monthly Post'. If you have run out of warps, please list the coordinates or alternatively, try to get a staff member to set a warp for you. Good luck to you!

We have some final inspiration for you this week!

Good Luck!

Friday Event

This week’s Friday event was the Bloolympics! In two rounds, we had a fruitastic turnout and a lot of fun! A very special thanks go to our very own moderator Bloo for providing the community with his lovely course! His building ability never seizes to amaze us!

For each of the four parts of the Bloolympics, there was one winner.

Part 1: YouCantBarch

Part 2: YouCantBarch

Part 3: Quackaz

Part 4: Canaries

Due to the demand of you Fruitheads, a bonus round was held in a "race to the end" fashion. A fruity congratulations to YouCantBarch on his victory!

A a fruit filled congratulations to all winners!

Thanks to everyone that stuck around to participate in the event and I hope you all had a juicy, fruity-fun time!

If you didn't win anything this week, worry not. Stay tuned for next week's JUICY friday event -- Skywars!

Meme of the Week

So that's it for this week folks! Make sure to come back this time next week to keep up to date with all of the FruitSurvival news and gossip!

Love from your favourite red hooded mystery man, Dantoke

End of Post.