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Howdy fruitsters! We've reached the end of another month and the monthly recap is due. There's tons of exciting things to look forward to now that the Christmas holidays are around the corner. Of course, this means our staff and builders have been working tirelessly to make sure everything is ready for a huge christmas. I won't spoil anything now though! Now, let's walk through all of the exciting things that happened throughout November!

Fruitbowl News

-1.11 is here!
Llamas! Enough said.
The latest major update for minecraft brought a handful of interesting changes. But you're not interested in the minor details. Nobody is. All we're interested in are the llamas!! These fluffy little things have been so popular, our gracious overlord H1N9 has put up a llama disguise on the donation store for a limited time. Be sure to get yourself a llama disguise so you can spit on people with style! Wait no don't do that, that's rude.

-Christmas Hype
Christmas is nearly here! I can't wait for you all to find out what everyone has been working on for the players over the past few weeks. I'm telling you guys in advance so you're all prepared, there will be plenty of events running over the course of the Christmas holidays. Try to be around for as many of them as possible, there are tons of juicy prizes to be won!

Player Statistics

Survival 10800/Skyblock 2400
Fantastic figures yet again, great job everyone! Be sure to invite all of your friends over so they can participate in the festivities too.

Voting Winners

Voting is a very simple way of showing the server your support, and you get rewarded for it by receiving keys to open super special crates in-game! Not only that, the 3 most dedicated voters receive donation vouchers at the end of each month which they can use to spoil themselves (or others)! Please note that these vouchers do NOT count towards your donation total.
Well done to these dedicated voters!

Build Competition

November's build competition had a special theme with a special reward for the winner! As mentioned in the previous monthly post, a portion of the winner's build will be incorporated into spawn. There were plenty of entries this month, well done guys! Remember that since this competition was held in survival, the vouchers earned from it will contribute to your rank.

Congratulations to all the winners! Due to how busy we expect Christmas to be, there will be no build competition held this month. If you're interested in winning vouchers, don't fret! You can still try to become the top voter of the month and nab a voucher through that.


If you've won a voucher, please speak to  H1N9 or a Community Manager about redeeming it. If you're really confident in yourself and you think you can nab a voucher in the next month, you'd be happy to know they do add up.

Top Players

Fruit Servers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from both Survival and Skyblock are selected and recognized for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Player of the month Survival - Xanti0us. A friendly face who does not shy away from interacting with everyone, Xanti0us is always ready willing and able to assist players who need help, especially when it comes to redstone issues. His general knowledge of minecraft has been of great assistance to many newer and less experienced players, and he has definitely earned this award. Well done Xanti0us!

Staff of the month Survival - demski. One of the most reliable members of the staff team and a huge asset to the server, demski always makes sure her presence is felt. Guiding the newer staff members whenever they begin to walk astray and taking charge while I'm absent are two reasons demski has earned this award once more. Great job demski!

Player of the month Skyblock - FuzzyMax. One of skyblock's quieter players, FuzzyMax has been helpful to all who've needed assistance while he's online. Fuzzy also actively participates in events and in general has been a stand-out member of the skyblock community. Well done FuzzyMax!

Staff of the month Skyblock - Kurtizmo. Kurtizmo is always sharing his positive energy with his fellow skyblockers, and you can definitely feel it when he's online. Apart from being an absolute pleasure to interact with at all times, Kurtizmo excels in his role as a staff member and makes sure players are taken care of. Great job Kurtizmo!

Beyond the Bowl

As mentioned in the intro, we've reached that part of the year where everything is becoming hectic as people are preparing for the festive season. This means players and staff alike are finding themselves tied down with other priorities, which means some valued members of the community have had to step down from important roles. As always, this means there are vacancies to be filled in the Mod/Event-C/Builder roles and we are going to be accepting applications throughout the month.

If you feel like you meet the criteria for these roles, I'd strongly encourage you to apply. If you're unsure of the criteria at any point in time, please feel free to ask staff members to clarify things.

This brings us to the end of another monthly recap, I hope you enjoyed it!
I cannot emphasise this enough, make sure you stick around for December's fruity madness!

I'll see you all online

End of Post.