Dusting off Spooky Skeletons
Written by RavynR

Hey guys, Ravioli here bringing you yet another weekly post! This week was full of excitement due to the end opening and we have tonnes to talk about so let’s jump straight into it!

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Holidays are now OFFICIALLY over for every state and that means back to the usual school work grind! During the week we will still have our Wednesday and Friday events to help you distract yourself from the dullness of outside!

This week we have seen the addition of two new Trial-Moderators! Congratulations to Blanchesoul and Makeshift_Demon! We are always accepting applications for all roles on the Survival server so if you think you have what it takes be sure to apply here.

This week saw the chaotic opening of the end, but before that we hosted Musical chairs! All players showed us what their mumma’s gave them but in the end we had three victors from three intense rounds! Congrats to Iamalexalex, dababychicken and Mike_Kidwithadhd!

On friday we not only slayed the dragon, we also battled waves of spiders, hordes of zombies and a few ghasts too! It was a lag spectacular but was an amazing way to open the end! Players were then set loose to go forth and hunt for elytra’s but are reminded there is a maximum of 2 per player.

On sunday we hosted a pop up event! We played 2 quick rounds of corners and had two winners! Congrats to Rahley_ and ScrubSandwich for defeating the gods of RNG!

Selfie of the Week

This week Selfie of the week goes to Skerny! He had a wonderfully well timed screenshot of the dragon being slayed! Be sure to submit your own selfie of the week to our forum thread for your chance to win an event token!

Don’t forget if you have your birthday or a friends birthday coming up, contact the event team! We are more than happy to have /warp bday set up for you to enjoy!







Monsters, stalking through the night,
Halloween is the Night of Fright.
Fear is what this night brings,
Along with many other things.

Are you sure you are prepared?
Tonight is not for the easily scared.
Creatures from hell roam on this night,
For tonight is the Night of Fright.

Something scary is coming to Fruit Survival…. Keep an eye out on the forums for more information, and remember, you’re never alone in the dark….


Helllooo Spooksters! SpookyGodfrey here bring you the lollies and spooks from Skyblock! And the news of course.

Staff updates

This week we sadly saw BigSauce_ step down :(. If you are interested in joining the skyblock staff try your luck in applying, click here to apply!


Corners has returned and has a new name Edges! Winners are Mz_Tee, D2xx, Pookill7 and SpookyZeta.

Bongo Bingo! Winners are Nu6et, SpookyBurrito, SpookyGodfrey, Mz_Tee and D2xx!

Thunder Gods have returned! Survivors are Euphoriella, D2xx, twinkhls and Bayleecraft.

Well done winners!

We are also playing other events during the day! Be sure to join in for a chance to win the prized event tokens!!

>>Marriages of the week!<<

No marriages this week D:

Congrats to ChoccyLatte for winning Selfie of the Week!

Thanks for the spooky week all and more spooks to come!


This week we have been busy working hard on prison, squashing bugs and developing new content. Pop on by to visit us, and experience our unique prison server. The prison team is also currently looking for active, enthusiastic members to join the ranks of their staff team! Feel free to submit an application here.

Build Competition

Something scary is coming to fruit…… It’s all your builds for this month’s Build competition!!!! This month is October and so we are asking for some Halloween spooky scary builds, we want them so scary we will have nightmares! This competition will have size restrictions so be sure to pay attention to the rules!

Competition Rules

  • The build must be a Maximum of a 100 x 100 blocks. To stay within this boundary, we suggest creating a border to work within.
  • The build must have something to do with Halloween! Make it scary!
  • Build must be completed by October 30th 8pm AEST.
  • You must work alone, if you do not you will be disqualified.
  • All entries must be built on the creative server.
  • As cool as pixel art is, this isn’t the place for it.
  • Don’t copy another person’s work, whether it be from in or outside of the server. BE ORIGINAL!
  • We need at LEAST 5 people to participate to hand out prizes, so spread the word!
  • This build needs to have been started and completed within the month of October.
  • Completed entries that don't earn a prize will net the builder a token on their server of choice

Thank you all for reading through this weekly post, keep your eyes out on the forums for exciting posts about Halloween shenanigans!

Pasta Squad

End of Post.