Easter is Finished!
Written by Zozua

Hello there Fruitsters! Zozua here with this weeks post. With Easter finishing up on Monday we haven't stopped having fun. We had 3 events running this week on Survival and another 2 on Skyblock! What a busy week we have had.

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Player Count: 11115!

Player Count: 1123

Currently 458% of monthly donation goal

Currently 614% of monthly donation goal

Current monthly top donator: Spike_M

Current monthly top donator: StartlingWorm

Beyond the Bowl

This week we had Some new builders promoted as well some new Staff promotions! Congratulations to these Fruitsters!

DatRayRay - T-mod > Mod
Spike_M - T-Mod > Mod
Wolfette85 > T-Mod
Andrewx_ > Builder
Cupid > Builder
ItsSquish > Builder
Zozua > Event- C

Feel free to congratulate them on their new roles!


Finishing up the Easter long weekend we had Boatraces on Monday Night. With 6 Fruitsters at once racing to the finish there was some fierce rivalry between the competitors.With a variety of obstacles such as racing through one lane racetrack to weaving between ice obstacles there was bound to be some crashes. Oh boy, there was plenty of clashes between players myself included. Congratulations to all the racers and especially the winners.

Next up we had Wednesday Night Bingo! With 5 rounds all up, we had a variety of champions that came through. I'm sure there was some close calls between the players. Congratulations to the following players

Round 1: Pizzafied
Round 2: SomOfTheDim
Round 3: KibaSarge
Round 4: SomOfTheDim
Round 5: PtownNoob

On Friday night we had Hub Minigames. Starting off with Paintball, there was some contention between the teams with up to 5 players on each team. Even the Staff joined in showing off their skills (I was targeting H1N9 every chance I got but don't tell him that). After a few rounds of Paintball we moved onto Connect4, Battleship and Gem craft. There was a lot of laughter as players lost in spectacular fashion.

Over on Skyblock there was not 1 but 2 events! Sunday night kicked off with Find the Bunnies. You Fruitsters sprinted around searching everywhere for them! Congratulations to the winners:

Round 1 - 1st Inndi, 2nd BunnyQueen_, 3rd D3Shant3.
Round 2 - 1st - Steaks_28, 2nd bunnymccaw, 3rd Acerr_
Round 3 - 1st D3shant3, 2nd JohnIsNotEpic, 3rd alyssa332333
Round 4 - 1st KarmaCliche, 2nd Acerr_, D3Shant3
Round 5 - D3shant3 , 2nd xxAlexxx, 3rd xxAlexxx
Round 6 - 1,2 +3rd xxAlexxx_

Finishing up with Easter Monday we had Musical Chairs! There was plenty of panic as you ran around fighting over who could sit on the chair first. Well done to the winners!

Round 1 - ObliviousPatata
Round 2 - _GrN_For_Prez
Round 3 - ObliviousPatata
Round 4 - _GrN_For_Prez
Round 5 - Bails_1997

Newly Weds


Koszmar DatRayRay
Spike_M NGGSoulStopper
Mimosa2 RohDawg1998
Eraze OhBlivh


SweeterThanSugar Cupid
Dusty_Tornado BunnyQueen_

Build Comp: This Month’s Theme: Easter

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th April.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.

- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!

Thats a rap!

As a new week starts I hope everyone enjoyed the events and enjoying themselves on FruitServers. Have a good week everyone :)

~ Zoz

End of Post.