End of another month! Hello There!
Written by Lagoonaa

Hey There Everyone! Its coming to the end of September ;c Its gone so quickly!!! But DO NOT worry. We of course have another weekly post for all of you filling you in on the xoxoGOSSIPgikda over the last week! Its Meloona here as usual ;) so lets get into it! Shall we? ~ We shall!

The Rundown

Survival                                                                    Skyblock

Number of players joined: 9242!                               Number of players joined: 945!

Currently 305% of the monthly goal!                         Currently 192% of the monthly goal!

Current monthly top donator: Void_Alchemist         Current monthly top donator: SweetEmotion

Beyond the Bowl

Not much has happened throughout the fruitbowl this week ;c No staff changes… But! We unfortunately lost our beloved builder PearlescentMoon as she no longer had time to play on the server :( She will be missed dearly <3 We also had a birthday celebration for our lovely ItsSquish <3 Happy birthday to you :)


On the 21st of September, We had a few rounds of Bloo’s Build Battle! We watched all of you fruitsters put your building skills to the test as you all built to the best of your ability leaving us all amazed! We had a total of 2 rounds so let's get on with the results!

Round 1 Theme: Halloween

Round 1 Winners: Ahtnamas80, Matty_MacTruck, Matea78 and LittleSSavage

Round 2 Theme: Under The Sea

Round 2 Winners: PearlescentMoon, TheSilentKnight_, Millsteads, Frog_Features and Tibet

On the 25th of September, we had a couple rounds of Thunderdome, leaving some special people as the winner :)

Round 1: SimplyCass                    Round 2: _Vex__                     Round 3: SilentRanger5

Round 4: booga632                      Round 5: PotassiumDOT         Round 6: _Vex__

Round 7: DuskWillow

Also on the 25th of September, we snuck in a late few rounds of Musical Chairs on Skyblock! You fruitsters danced the night away literally .... Walking away with a prize for your efforts! Huge thank you to Aphroditie, Dusty_Tornado, SweetEmotion, EstherBunny & Meloonnn for staying up just for you guys! Lets hear the results :)

Round One: MaximumVortex        Round Two: Harambe_543            Round Three: EstherBunny

Notable Weddings


_GrN + GlitzyCookie <3

SweetEmotion + Meloonnn <3


deadboy_99 & MoonLight_S <3

Badgerrific & Lagoona <3

Thats a rap!

Oh no! Sadly again we have come to the end of ANOTHER weekly post… But dont worry! The monthly post is only days away and i dont know about you but im SO EXCITED!! But...Theres no weekly post without the screenshots of the week & the meme of the week!?! So lets get straight into it!

Screenshots Of The Week

Skyblock: Promoting new banners with friends! Taken by EstherBunny

Survival: Waiting patiently for the new flopshop item! Taken by _Vex__!

Meme Of The Week

~Meloona <3

End of Post.