Written by Goldsta

Hey fruitsters! Just a quick update here, the official Fruitservers facebook page is now up and functioning! Show your support by liking the page and keep yourself updated with all the juicy news to come!

1. Fruitservers Website Tag Contest!

We’re looking for some of our more artistic fruits to step up to the plate and produce elegant new tags for us! As this is a contest, there will be rewards for the 3 best entrants. This competition finishes on the 14th of December, so you need to post your entries on the forums by then. As always, we are looking for originality and unique designs. Best of luck fruitloops!

Post your entries here.

2. Fruitverse Hub!

We are proud to introduce the Fruitservers hub! Credit to our Community-Manager Gamerbabe for designing the exquisite pineapple in the foreground. This is what new players will be greeted by upon first joining the server, and they will be given the option of choosing between survival and skyblock. To get to the hub, simply type /server hub.

3. Skyblock Quest Suggestions!  

We are now looking to add in new quests for skyblock and we need YOUR help to decide which ones will make the cut! Whether they be unlimited quests or individual ones, we are accepting all suggestions! Once you’ve thought of something, visit this thread to leave your feedback!

Thanks for reading folks! Get on over and show your support now!

End of Post.