Written by SirEraze

February is here, say hello!Finally, another month has passed, and what a successful month it has been. We as a team cannot express how thankful we are for all the support we have received this month, we couldn't have asked for more.

Donor Kits:We have made some changes to the Donor kits, they have been balanced out, and are now less OP. These kits are due to change in the near future.Donation Store:
This month will hold quite a few changes to the Donation store. We have multiple updates rolling out, to ensure that there is something for everyone! Not all of these things will come at once, however do have some things ready.
Kits - We have finally introduced kits to the store, these kits have been fine tuned, so they are all very unique, and hold variety. There are plenty of kits for almost every aspect of the game, so make sure you go to the store, and see what is in them!
You will also notice some other new things in the store, these are simply teasers of what is to come in the future.

Voting Winners - January
These are the top three voters of January, thank-you for showing dedication to the server, and committing to voting as much as you can. Enjoy your prizes!
1st Place - Terdeus: $15 Store voucher and $7000 in-game money.
2nd Place - Lord_Underpants: $10 Store voucher and $5000 in-game money.
3rd Place - HaydenPlaysMC: $5 Store voucher and $3000 in-game money.
Note: This store money does not go towards your rank, it simply buys you perks.Remember to keep voting everyone, if you wish to be this months winners!

Top Players:
This section is dedicated to players that strive to be better, and are dedicated to the server. Each winner will receive their head at spawn for the month of February, and an awesome Forum badge.

Player of the month: Terdeus
Terdeus has been an active, and valued member of this server since the day it opened. He has been on almost every day, and has participated in everything the server has to offer. He is always on the forums, and is an all round awesome guy. Thank-you!

Staff of the month: EliseSykes
Elise is always here to help. She strives to become better, and strives to make things better for you. She is always here in her spare time, and will never turn down a question. Her amazing efforts, and great attitude the past month has earnt her this metal. Thank-you Elise!

Competition Winners - January

The entries we had this month were amazing, and we appreciate everyone who entered. However there can only be one winner. We have gona through and individually scored everyones build, and here is the result!

And the winner is.... *drumroll*
KamiOhx! - Nintendo 3DS XL
Thank-you for your amazing entry! Not only did it look amazing, but the mechanics used were things i hadnt seen before. You definately earned this prize.

Building Competiton - February:

This months bulding theme is "Medieval", you can take this in any way you like and/or do what you wish with it, just make it creative!
Competition rules:
- Build must be finished by the 27th of February- Users cannot work in pairs- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the survival world
The prizes for this month are as follows -
1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.How to post your entry:
To post your competiton entry, simply create a warp and post it in the comments section of this post, or write the co-ordinates.

Updates and Changes:

[+] Updated Donor kits[+] Added spawners to the store[-] Got rid of DarkBlue name colour[+] Changes to Hall of Fame[+] Promoted Loshy_ to Admin[+] Created in-game Shop[+] Top players section in spawn[+] Added new tree in spawn[+] Added new Seat plugin (Click a stair)
[+] Added /seen usage for Members +
[+] Added Bookshelf plugin
[+] Added Sign Edit plugin (Click a sign with an Ink Sack
[+] Added Blood Plugin
[+] Added a GUI for /colours command
[+] Fixed Formatted signs
[+] Added Warning PluginComing Soon:
MembershipCreative WorldMinigames
Chest Locking PluginTickets PluginMuch More +

Thats it for this month 'Cool Cats'!Hope you all enjoyed this post, and lets make this month 10x better! See you all in-game, and have a good one.

End of Post.