February Recap
Written by Ahtnamas80

Hello Fruitsters, Ahtnamas80 here bringing you the recap for February.  There was love in the air this month, as Cupid returned and showered you all with many gifts, including the lucky ones who took away the major prizes at the end of the Valentines Crafting Comp!  There has been so much going on around the Fruit Servers, so lets jump in and catch up on the latest news from around the fruit bowl.

Creative will be down until further notice. We will be working on some things more tomorrow. We will be wiping the map again and taking the server into a whitelisted only mode. This means that to build or interact on a plot you must submit an application form on the website. It is very frustrating to continue to see people deliberately sabotage the server.If you would like a schematic of your build (and it is good enough) details on how to get one will be made available soon.

The Prison team have been working very hard to bring you fun new content, and I am so excited that I can finally announce the launch of some of these new features. To begin with, let me introduce.... The Wandering Trader!The Wandering Trader is a vendor that will change location, moving to a different planet each month. It will include a static shop that will sell generic items like the long awaited Netherite ingot, Efficiency 8 and Sharpness 8 Enchantment books along with some other useful items that can be purchased with StarCoins. It also has a monthly shop that sells special unique items that will change each month. These items include a ‘LemonPod relocation Token’ that will allow you to move the LemonPod at your plot, you’ll need to give the token to an Admin so they can move the pod for you. There will also be Custom Advanced Enchantment Kit Armor that will give the player a buff once they equip all 4 pieces of armor for that set, this means you’ll need to find the Wandering Trader to purchase each piece as the piece changes each month. These are just a few items that the Wandering Trader will be selling.This month we are proud to announce a monthly scavenger hunt! You will be searching for a very hidden dispenser that will contain a token. The token can be traded in for your prize at the Scavenger NPC that is located at the Planet 2 Hub (Just to the left of spawn). Happy hunting!I have kept the very best feature for last, this is a feature that has been widely requested, and we have put a lot of work into getting it implemented for Prison. Coming this month to Prison is CRATES! To start with we will be releasing the Daily Crate, with the possibility of other crates being developed soon, depending on how popular the Daily Crate is. So don't forget to jump online daily and claim your FREE Daily Crate key from the /rewards menu.
★Valentines Crafting Comp★Another crafting competition is over, and as you all take a break and rest beside your crafting benches, I would like to congratulate all our lucky winners!  Contact H1N9 or a Community Manager to redeem your vouchers.

★Donations★A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed this month, your donations go towards continuing to develop fun new content for everyone.

★Vote Competition★This month was another competitive month for voting, great work to everyone who takes the time to vote every day!  Congrats to St0nkatr0n, Shakoda and Modestyy, you have snagged yourself a voucher for the store!  Contact a Community Manager or H1N9 to redeem it.  Please remember that votes are tallied a few hours before the end of the month, so if you try and sneak in a few last minute votes they may not be counted.

★Top Players★FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from Survival, Skyblock, Prison, and Pixelmon are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Timotheuster is a friendly player, who over the last few months has been very active in game, always around for a chat or to lend a helping hand to players in need.  It has been a pleasure to spend time on the server with Timo, he is a wonderful member of the community.  Congratulations Timotheuster!

wxveyy didn't skip a beat in becoming very well known throughout the Skyblock community, having only joined us at the end of January, many would argue it feels as if they've been with us for months. Thank you wxveyy for being a welcoming face on the server and providing us with epic beats in the music channel. Congrats! ~Ascacos

RebornIV is a known face around fruit, but for this month he has shown how helpful he can be to newer players on the server as well as providing a positive attitude to everyone he talks to. Congratulations RebornIV. ~Spleggeti

Crook has been a loyal member of Pixelmon since launch, not only is he a friendly face, but he is welcoming and always helpful in chat. Crook is a great sport at our tournaments and is always keen to have a go and support new comers.  Congratulations Crook!

Kuote is like the energiser bunny, she just never stops!  A very dedicated staff member, Kuote is quick to respond to players questions or requests for help.  Behind the scenes she is always one of the first staff members to put her hand up to help with a new project or job that needs to be done.  Thank you for all your hard work Kuote, you are an amazing member of the staff team!  Congratulations.

Through her activity and disposition to help out wherever she is able, Xtalize has shown tremendous growth this month. Thank you for all of your efforts this month, keep up the friendly and helpful attitude. Congrats! ~Ascacos

This month for Prison B3ast619 has shown how important he is to the team with consistently showing his kind attitude to players when helping them out. B3ast619 is known for his activity and he definately showed it this month. Congratulations B3ast619 ~Spleggeti

TimelessKings has been incredibly helpful with assisting in training our new T-Mods and teaching them the ropes. From answering your questions in chat, to rolling back your base after you’ve accidentally exploded some tnt, Timeless is always willing to help out in any way they can. Thank you Timeless, keep up the great work!
We are lucky to have such a strong staff team to help make Fruit Servers great!  If you are intested in joining one of our amazing staff teams, we are alway looking for more people to join in the fun.  You can fill in an application for a staff role HERE.
And now my friends we have reached the end, we say good bye to Feburary and hello to March.  Another busy month is ahead, with all staff working hard on many new projects, I think i have even seen a few bunnies starting to poke their heads up...  So keep an eye out, there is always fun to be had around the fruit bowl!~Ahtnamas80.

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