February Recap
Written by Ascacos

Welcome back to another monthly recap!
Let's take a quick peak at the last month of Summer, and get a glimpse of March!

Juicy Fruits!

Finally after a few weeks of waiting, there is a NEW SHOP at spawn, where you can sell your fruits and juices!
Head to /warp juice and chat to the friendly shop keeper to sell the fruits of your labour.

Warp Shop Update

There has been some additions the warp shop this map, and we have worked on some balancing and changes over the last few weeks to hopefully bring some consistency to the prices. Over the course of this week we will be implementing these updates and changes, so items that have been missing prices will soon have them added, and some prices will change.

Hey Prisoners!

As many of you know, Prison just launched a few days ago and what a success it has been so far! We have had great positive feedback from many of you aswell as a few suggestions for changes.We are always happy and looking for players suggestions and feedback around Prison in order to make it a better experience for the entire community so don't be shy to suggest something to one of our friendly staff.

I look forward to talking to you all over the next few weeks as we continue to update and improve Prison. Thank you all for your continued support for Prison and i can't wait to show you what is next for us!

★ Donations ★

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed this month, your donations go towards continuing to develop fun new content for everyone.

[Donation Image]

★Vote Competition★

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the month so sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help. Props to everyone for keeping voting as competitive as it has been, looks like everyone is eager to win themselves a voucher! Great work si8ht on 1st, zzDeathGodzz on 2nd, and catboytysqi on 3rd! Keep up the great work everyone, please message a Community-Manager or H1N9 to redeem your voucher.

★Top Players★

FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

LeRothy is Prison's Staff of the Month for February. While many people have been significantly involved in the process of revamping FruitPrison, Rothy has been a central force in pulling together the entire project and making it a reality. He has done an excellent job working with many different staff, devs and builders to bring it all together.

Natjat played a vital role this month in holding down the fort on the server, whilst much of the Skyblock team were busy at other events, and in ensuring the newest members of the team were settling in and finding their feet in their new roles! Thank you Natjat

MrRandom287. Every week MrRandom puts in countless hours preparing events for the community, a lot of planning and organising is required, and Random approaches every task with a high level of dedication and attention to detail. The result of Randoms hard work is the events run as smoothly as possible and are a highlight of the week for the community! Thank you Random for everything you do

As soon as LilHebi joined the Pixelmon Team she showed how much she valued the server. She has put a huge amount of effort into being super active and loves helping out new players. Thank you LilHebi and Keep it up!!

Supermate_ has made himself well known on Skyblock, by being friendly to all and taking time out of their day to help, and is often engaging well with other players in chat. Thank you for what you bring to the community, and congratulations Supermate_!

xoguap450. Over the course of this month xoguap was a stand-out player, who has shown themselves to be a very kind and caring member of the community, who is warm and welcoming to everyone they interact with in chat. Congratulations xoguap!

RainingLily is one of our newcomers this month and ever since then they have been one of our most active players. They are a joy to chat to and love a good banter with anyone! Congratulations RainingLily!!

Fruitservers is lucky to have such strong moderating teams, however we are always accepting applications for all of our staff roles. Our wonderful Event and Build Teams in particular are still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into these roles. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application at www.fruitservers.net/staff

Tell us in the comments whether you prefer Summer or Winter! (one right answer)

End of Post.