Fresh Start for Skyblock this Friday!
Written by H1N9

Dear Fruitsters,
Once again it has come time to say goodbye to the current skyblock map and give everyone a chance to start afresh! As part of this update we can’t wait to show you the new nether system and some cool new other things as well. So, take the next few days to say goodbye to a map that has treated us well and then get prepared for a whole new adventure!

What will not be kept in this map wipe?
Inventories, chests, balances, enderchests etc
There is no opportunity to take builds / islands over to the new map.

What will be kept in this map wipe?
You will be keeping all ranks and perks though that you have purchased.
You will be able to claim your spawners for the first two weeks of the next map. (Spawners purchased on the website only can be claimed. Proof of purchase needed)

What time will the map be wiped?
I will put on the awesome new map this coming Friday starting at 9:30 AEST. It should take 1-2 hours to make everything perfect before you guys can join again.


End of Post.