Friday and Saturday Recap!
Written by ipoodalittle

Well well well ... this certainly was confusing! As we all know PvP Touranment was schedueled for Friday nights event, however ... last minute we discovered that pvp decided to simply stop working. But despite this, the staff team pulled together and hosted a Hide and Seek event!

Hide and Seek:

So usually with hide and seek you have to find the sneaky staff members disguises as baby chickens, but, like with PvP tournament ... there was a problem with more broken things! As staff couldn't disguise themselves as those adorable baby chickens you all love, we decided that we'd hide our heads instead! This was also a test to see how well you know what our fabulous staff team looks like! So without further adu, let's announce the winners!

Round 1:


ItsSquish (found 2 heads!)





Round 2:


Le_Commandant (found 2 heads!)





Round 3:

Apotoxin (found 2 heads!)

QueenLagoona (found 2 heads!)



So with that, it was a successful night after all! We thank users for being patient with us when we were trying to organise what to do after pvp was being temperemental!

PvP Tournament:

Now this was interesting! And by interesting we mean, confusing, lagoriffic and somewhat frustrating, but, we persevered and, with some fine tuning, this can be held again! We were sadly only to about to hold 2 rounds of battle.

So the winners of the first round were:

Blue team

Pink Team

Orange Team

For the final round the overall winners were:


Congratulations to Cahms, Illumination and Jaloje!

Thank you to everyone who participated! But on a small note we wish to address an issue when we are trying to host these events.

When you're told to stop moving. Stop moving. Don't jump around, don't run in circles just stand there. It's not difficult to not press those buttons on your keyboard. And then if you do remain still ... don't flip out in chat ... its not the end of the world. Also, sarcastic comments such as "will this event ever start?" or "starting soon, you mean starting in 30 minutes lolz" aren't cool. We staff are already working hard to get anything good to go, so comments like that irritate us, and if you're going to be impatient and throw comments like that around, we won't be inclined to continue hosting events. Don't forget that an extrodinary amount of work goes into getting all these events ready for you by the staff team.

End of Post.