Friday Fun and Frivolity
Written by H1N9

Hi Fruitlings!

I'm going to keep this post nice n short n sweet. Just like Goldsta <3

This Friday marks a particularly big day in the life of the Fruitverse with the most amount of work every being rolled out on one day!

The servers will be updating to 1.13. 1.13 presents the biggest update in Minecraft history containing more work than the past three updates combined.

It changes literally everything from a backend perspective for the game meaning that all of our plugins break! It has taken Geek weeks to update everything and all of the other plugins that we use to deliver such an amazing experience are also being updated or have been updated to a stage where I am now happy to update. We have been creating loads of new content to arrive with the 1.13 update for both Survival and Skyblock which I can't wait for you guys to see. Updating to 1.13 will not be smooth and not everything will be ready to go once you hit the new map but I can guarantee you will all love the new features that this update brings. The oceans are amazing.

To make the most of this new update I will be wiping on Friday (10th) both Survival, Skyblock and Creative in the morning (Creative might not end up being on Friday will depend on time).

This is going to be a massive amount of work for everyone (There is a reason why we have not wiped both servers at the same time before!). Prison will remain on 1.12 but allow 1.13 clients to connect. This will be messy but it is not possible to use the prison map in 1.13 until 1.13.1 is released. The same goes for Survival and Skyblock, however, even then it is not guarenteed that the maps will work, hence the wipe now.

Ranks and P Balances (How much you purchased) will be kept.

Everything else will be wiped. I am also not offering build transfers this map due to the complexity and issues of importing them in 1.13.

Friday will be amazing and the weekend will be even better! I hope that you are able to join us to explore the biggest update in Minecraft history. It will be rough and there will be issues but it should be fun. And if something breaks, remember to blame it on Goldsta.


P.S Vix wanted to be mentioned so I'll blame her for my bad choice of colours for this news post.

End of Post.